El Swanko Casa

El Swanko Casa in GTA Vice City.

El Swanko Casa is a mansion in Vice Point, Vice City, prominently used in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City as the player's safehouse.


Design as a lavish mansion with a massive compound occupying the entire block, El Swanko Casa boasts a large frontal pool and extensive scalable balconies. The mansion is available for purchase in GTA Vice City immediately after "In the beginning..." , costing $8,000. When purchased, the building spawns a save point in front of the front door for the player to save games, in addition, the mansion supplies the player with a garage capable of holding one vehicle on the northeast corner of the compound. A Ruger weapon pickup also spawns on the lower roof on the west side of the house. Like most other safehouses, El Swanko Casa lacks an interior.

El Swanko Casa is located south of the Shady Palms Hospital and northeast of the Vice Point Pay 'n' Spray. The mansion is also within close proximity of Links View Apartment, which is located southwest of El Swanko Casa.

The building is present, largely unchanged, in GTA Vice City Stories, but is otherwise non-interactive. The garage is also blocked by an invisible wall; an Infernus does, however, always parked there.


  • The safehouse's name is Spanglish for "The Swanky Home", with "Swanky" meaning "nice".