Factory Wages

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Factory Wages
Game GTA Advance
For Cisco
Target Factory
Location Aspatria, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $10,000
Unlocks School's Out

Factory Wages is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Colombian Cartel leader Cisco from a building in Aspatria on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


There is a factory in Liberty City which is manufacturing aerial surveillance equipment for some South American governments. Cisco wants the factory to be blown up and tells Mike to use his connection to explosives expert 8-Ball to get the necessary explosives. However, Cisco does not want the surrounding area destroyed, as it contains boutiques he visits. He explains that Mike will need an ID card to enter without suspicion. Mike then tracks down a technician and begins to chase him, although he can choose not to kill him. Mike takes the technicians ID card and drives to 8-Balls bomb shop and has some explosives rigged to his vehicle, before driving to the factory in Newport. If the technician was not killed, he returns to the factory to warn security of Mike's impending arrival. Mike positions his vehicle in front of the factory, runs to a safe distance and detonates the explosives, destroying the factory. Mike then flees from the area, so as not to be recognised by any witnesses.


Cisco: I'll keep this simple to keep your head from hurting, amigo. There is a factory that is manufacturing aerial surveillance equipment for South American governments. You have some contacts in the explosives business, yes? Blow up this facility and I will reward you handsomely. You need to track down a technician who works there to get an ID card to avoid suspicion. Please be mindful of the surrounding area. There are several boutiques I visit and I'd be angry if they were damaged.

Mike: Sounds like some fancy footwork is required to pull this off. The reward better be worth it.

Cisco: Do not trouble yourself with such minor things.

Mike: My life may not mean much to you but it's worth more than tip-toeing around some fancy boutiques. I'm sure you won't miss the fall line-up of clothes.

(Mike goes to Newport and finds a factory technician)

Cisco (pager): Get him fast, amigo, before he escapes! Cisco.

(Mike hits the technicians car)

Technician: Ahh! Somebody hit me. Must be on their cellphone and not paying any damn attention.

(Mike forces the technician from his vehicle and shoots him.

Technician: Who do you think you are? I won't tell you a thing!

Mike: It's fine by me if you stay quiet. I just need that ID clipped to your shirt. Take the ID! Just spare my life, please. Think, Mike! Let him go or risk having him alert the authorities?

(If Mike kills him)

Mike: Sorry guy. Sometimes you have to be nasty to get through life.

(If Mike allows him to live)

Mike: Kindness keeps the spirit young, Vinnie always said. Hmm, what the hell am I saying?

(Mike drives towards the factory, script is the same whether technician is killed or spared)

Cisco (pager): Make sure you have explosives for your car and head over to the factory. Cisco.

(Mike drives to the 8-Balls bomb shop, has a bomb rigged to his vehicle and arrives at the factory. If the technician was spared)

Mike: Damn, that technician must have warned the security guards that I was coming. So much for being a nice guy...

(Mike blows up the factory

Cisco (pager): Get away from the factory before witnesses gather. Cisco.

(Mike leaves the factory)

Cisco (pager): Amigo, well done! You can now afford to replace the rags on your back with fine linen.

Post Mission Pager Script

Cisco (pager): Come to mi casa, amigo. Cisco.


The reward for completing the mission is $10,000. The mission School's Out is unlocked by completing the mission.

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