First Date (GTA SA)

First Date
Carl Johnson meeting Catalina at The Welcome Pump.
Carl Johnson meeting Catalina at The Welcome Pump.

Carl Johnson meeting Catalina at The Welcome Pump.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Catalina
Location Dillimore, Red County, San Andreas
Reward None
Unlocks Tanker Commander
Against All Odds
Local Liquor Store
Small Town Bank

First Date is an anonymous identifier cutscene in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas assigned to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson over The Welcome Pump bar in the town of Dillimore in Red County, San Andreas.

The cutscene introduces Cesar Vialpando's cousin Catalina to the player.


A young woman, apparently Cesar's cousin, is inside The Welcome Pump diner in Dillimore and is threatening two men with a knife. Carl enters the room and explains to her that he is looking for a friend's cousin, who he discovers is this young woman named Catalina. The two leave The Welcome Pump and Catalina, who introduces herself, explains to Carl that they are going to rob four locations across the county: a Gasso petrol station, an Inside Track betting shop, a liquor store and a bank.


(A young woman, apparently the cousin of Cesar's he was looking for, is in a bar threatening two men with a knife, as Carl enters.)

Catalina: (to man 1) You want some, fatso? (to man 2) You big streak of Yankee piss. (to man 1) I seen fucking eunuchs with more balls than you.

(The young woman slashes man 2 with the knife, chopping his nose, and then holds it to man 1's neck.)

Catalina: (to Carl) What the fuck did you want?

CJ: Nothing, I'm looking for a friend of mine's cousin. Mexican guy. He ain't here...

Catalina: You? But Cesar said you was a real man.

CJ: Lady, I'm a God fearing, peace loving, man of the people.

Catalina: Whatever, asshole, let's go.

CJ: Damn, relax, baby.

(The young woman and Carl leave The Welcome Pump diner.)

Catalina: Where's your car?

CJ: Where's yours?

Catalina: Ladies don't drive themselves, that's what men are for!

CJ: Oh my goodness! Thanks Cesar. Appreciate this, homie!

(Carl and the young woman enter a vehicle.)

CJ: So, what's your name? Where we going?

Catalina: My name is Catalina and we gonna take this county for every stinking cent!

CJ: OK, good plan... I guess.

Catalina: You're damn straight it's a good plan! I've cased four soft targets; a liquor store in Blueberry, a bank in Palomino Creek, a gas station in Dillimore, and a betting shop in Montgomery.

CJ: Hold up. Which one first?

Catalina: You're the driver, you dumb pig, you choose!

CJ: You pretty high strong, uh, lady?

Catalina: Huh? And what are you? Some, laid back, gang-banger dude?

CJ: I keep myself to myself, that's my style.

Catalina: Cesar says you got a brother in jail, another brother dead, a mother just killed, and you got a bank cop on your case.

CJ: I ain't listening to you.

Catalina: You think that is keeping yourself to yourself, eh, amigo! We're cool. You're just an idiotta.

CJ: And you're real charming, a proper lady.


The missions Tanker Commander, Against All Odds, Local Liquor Store and Small Town Bank are unlocked. However, after completing the chosen mission, the other three missions need unlocking once again.

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