Small Town Bank

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Small Town Bank
Carl Johnson and Catalina threaten the bankers with shotguns.

Carl Johnson and Catalina threaten the bankers with shotguns.
Game GTA San Andreas
For Catalina
Location Fern Ridge or Dillimore, Red County

Catalina dies

Reward $10,000
Unlocks none
Unlocked by

Made In Heaven


Small Town Bank is one of the four missions unlocked by the mission First Date in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where Carl Johnson first meets Catalina.


Carl and Catalina are planning on robbing the Palomino Creek Bank. They get into a vehicle and head off to their destination. Once They arrive, Carl Johnson is given a Pump Action Shotgun, and his job is to make sure none of the employees put there hands down, otherwise they will set the alarm off. Unfortunately, either Carl shoots the employees and sets the alarm off, or one of the employees put their hands down and the alarm goes off. Catalina is furious. A cutscene plays in which two cops leave the Donut Shop and several police officers surround the bank.

Carl is told to destroy the ATM machines and retrieve the money. Catalina breaks the door down after all the money is collected. She and Carl shoot every cop in the alley. Carl shoots the two motorcycle cops at the end of the alleyway.

Catalina and Carl hop on the bikes. The next objective is to follow Catalina on the bike. Two motorcycle cops will pursue her. Catalina eventually wrecks and is surrounded by the police. Pick her up and get her home safely to pass the mission.


(CJ and Catalina enter the bank)

Catalina: You're on crowd control so don't take any shit!

Carl Johnson: Yes'm, Miss Catalina, Miss!

(CJ points his pump-action shotgun at the security guard)

Carl Johnson: Don't even think about doin' anything, motherfucker!

Catalina: (point her shotgun to the employee) Hand over every last dollar, NOW, BITCH!

(Sometime later, four employees become hostages, with CJ pointing his shotgun at them)

Catalina: I'm going to empty the safe. Keep these idiot covered!

Carl Johnson: A'ight, you heard the lady, no heroic shit!

(The alarm goes off)

Catalina: Shit! I give you one simple job! Idiota!

(At police headquarters)

Police Radio: Attention all units - some psychos are robbing the bank at Palomino Creek!

Police Officer #1: Shit! I just bought another donut! Don't criminal have any consideration?

Police Officer #2: We can collect that bribe later. Might as well go and take a look.

(The cops surround the bank)

Police Officer #2: We know you're in there! The game's up! Come on out! Come out real peaceable, like!

(Inside the bank)

Catalina: Smash the ATMs and get as much cash as possible!

Police Officer #2: Give up! You're surrounded!

Catalina: Quick! We haven't have much time!

(CJ takes all the money from the ATMs)

Catalina: Better take the back door! Follow me!

(The two go through the back door and are immediately attacked by the waiting cops)

Catalina: Cops! Take cover!

Police Officer #2: Thought you might try the back way! We were waiting for yer!

Catalina: Cover me! Pick it up a little, you retarded asshole! Keep going!

(Two police officers on bikes attack CJ and Catalina)

Police Biker #2: You two, FREEZE!

(CJ and Catalina kill the police and take their bikes)

Catalina: Grab a bike and follow me! You think you can keep up with real woman?

(Catalina is chased right after she exits the alleyway)

Catalina: What's keeping you? You slow bastard! Are you afraid of speed, Carl? Stop getting lost!

(A Ranger crashes into Catalina in Montgomery, and several cops come and surround her CJ saves her and takes her back to the hideout)


The reward for successfully completing this mission is $10,000.


  • When Catalina is surrounded by the police a glitch will happen. All pedestrians, police, and cars will disappear, leaving whole San Andreas as a Ghost Country. This glitch can be useful to explore San Fierro and Las Venturas without police attention. The only way to get out of this glitch is to simply take Catalina home and finish the mission.
  • In the PC Version, during the first cutscene where CJ and Catalina enter the bank, CJ may jump for no reason.
  • It's impossible to keep the hostages' hands up. It's advised, though, to let their hands down instead of kill one of them; letting their hands down will only result two-star wanted level, while killing them give three-star wanted level.
  • The cops surrounding Catalina in Montgomery will not try to arrest the player, but they will shoot at CJ when he rescues Catalina.
  • The mission's cutscenes are the only places in the entire game where a rural officer rides a HPV-1000.
  • The diner that the two cops were eating at was actually behind the bank.


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