Tanker Commander

Tanker Commander
Catalina threatens a gas station employee with a shotgun.
Catalina threatens a gas station employee with a shotgun.

Catalina threatens a gas station employee with a shotgun.
Game GTA San Andreas
Target Tanker
Location Dillimore, Red County, San Andreas
Fail Wasted
Tanker Destroyed
Reward $5,000
Unlocks Body Harvest (if chosen after First Date)
Gone Courting and Wu Zi Mu (if chosen after First Base)
Made in Heaven (if chosen after Gone Courting)
Farewell, My Love... (if chosen after Made in Heaven, provided Wu Zi Mu has been completed)
Unlocked by Case A. The mission was not played beforehand and just unlocked :-
First Date
Case B. The mission was not played during First Date, but was chosen in the second outfit :-
First Base
Case C. The mission was not played either during First Date or during First Base :-
Gone Courting
Case D. The mission was not played until the last resort :-
Made in Heaven

Tanker Commander is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by countryside criminal Catalina from the Gasso filling station in the town of Dillimore in Red County, San Andreas.


Catalina points a shotgun at a Gasso store employee inside the store, saying that he should give her the takings. The employee responds that the store has bulletproof glass. Catalina, realizing there's nothing else to do, decides that she and Carl just steal a tanker nearby and its trailer. They both hop on the tanker, and Catalina knows a person who would buy it. However, both the store employee and the cashier give chase. However, Catalina and Carl safely get to RS Haul in Flint County. Mr. Whittaker receives the tanker, and he gives Carl and Catalina a lump of money.


(Catalina points her shotgun to the gas station employee.)

Catalina: Hand over the takings, or I blow your fucking balls off!

Gas Station employee: This here's bulletproof glass! So you can just fuck off, bitch, before I call the sheriff!

Derek: What are you doing, son, just give her the cash!

Catalina: Suit yourself, maricon. Change of plan, Carl, we're taking the tanker!

Gas Station employee: Hey! What you doing?

(Carl goes in the Tanker and hooks the gas trailer.)

Gas Station employee: I ain't losing another crappy job because of some crazy bitch! C'mon, Derek, we're going to stop those bastards!

Derek: Do I have to?

Catalina: Drive! I know a guy, who'll pay for this rig and its cargo!

(Carl drives to Catalina's buyer's location.)

Gas Station employee: Pull alongside!

Derek: That rig will crash us!

Gas Station employee: Block their route!

Derek: It ain't worth it!

Gas Station employee: Keep up with them!

Derek: I don't wanna do this!

(Carl and Catalina arrive at the location.)

Catalina: Hello, Mr. Whittaker!

Mr. Whittaker: Catalina! What have you brought me today?

Catalina: A rig and tanker, full of brim with premium gas!

Mr. Whittaker: Never seen it, never saw you, never gave you this wad of cash!

Catalina: Nice not doing business!

Mr. Whittaker: Likewise. Now get out of here, before the cops come snooping. You ever want to run some freight for me just drop in. I've always got shit to move.

(Catalina goes on a Sanchez and starts up the vehicle.)

Catalina: Goodbye!

(Catalina leaves.)


The reward for this mission is $5,000. The next storyline mission that would be unlocked would depend on which cutscene the player pursued before this mission.

Also, Trucking missions can now be accessed at RS Haul in Flint County.


  • In this mission, there is a reference to Max Payne in the window of the store. It says; "Max Pane, BULLET PROOF GLASS."
  • The Tanker is bulletproof before you attach it to the cab.
  • An easier way of completing the mission is to get out of the cab and destroy the shop keeper's car, however in the Playstation 2 version, the car is indestructable until Derek and the other man are driving it.
  • Picking up this mission after First Date is the easiest way to pass the game, as the other missions unlocked will require Carl to drive far off to Catalina's hideout in Fern Ridge, and it also becomes easier for Carl to access the motel in Angel Pine where The Truth, a mysterious character, asks him to meet, if the player is on the borderline between Red County and Flint County.


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