Beverly Johnson

Beverly Johnson
A picture of Beverly Johnson kept in the Johnson House.
A picture of Beverly Johnson kept in the Johnson House.

A picture of Beverly Johnson kept in the Johnson House.
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Beverly Johnson


Place of Birth Los Santos
Date of Death 1992
Nationality American
Home Johnson House, Los Santos
Family Sean Johnson (son)
Carl Johnson (son)
Kendl Johnson (daughter)
Brian Johnson (son, deceased)
Main Affiliations Grove Street Families
Sean Johnson
Carl Johnson

For other characters in the Grand Theft Auto series called Beverly, see Beverly.

Beverly Johnson is a character in the 3D Universe mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and who is present but unseen in The Introduction for the game. She is the mother of protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson, deuteragonist Sean "Sweet" Johnson, her only daughter Kendl Johnson and her youngest son, Brian Johnson.

Beverly raised her family in a house in the Ganton area of the city of Los Santos. She suffered a setback after she lost Brian, who died in a tragic accident. Sweet blamed Carl for the death. Unable to contain his guilt, Carl left for Liberty City, breaking off all emotional contact with Beverly.

Beverly was associated with the Grove Street Families, a gang that had control of Ganton, and the area where Beverly and her family lived. The association was through Sweet running the gang. It is unknown as to whether Beverly participated in gang activity or if she was even ever made privy to anything going on.

Beverly would not talk to Carl again, as suggested by dialogue in the game between Sweet and Carl at her funeral, with the brotherly duo's childhood friends Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris and Lance "Ryder" Wilson, secretly responsible for her death, also present. Beverly was killed in 1992 by the Ballas gang in a drive-by shooting. The drive-by shooting was meant to kill Sweet, but he was not in the family house at the time.

Ballas gangsters had rolled up at the end of Grove Street in a green Sabre, either to mock the Grove Street Families or sneak into their home territory undetected, and sprayed the front of the Johnson house with bullets. Beverly happened to be just inside the house at the front door and was shot an unspecified amount of times. Sweet ran into the house, to discover his mother dead. Kendl also ran toward the house, but was stopped from entering by Sweet.

Beverly's demise, just at the very beginning of the game and the very end of The Introduction, is what brings Carl back to Los Santos and reunites Carl and Sweet.

During the mission High Noon, hot-headed C.R.A.S.H. officer Edward "Eddie" Pulaski, who was complicit in her death, makes disparaging comments on Beverly, suggesting that he and corrupt C.R.A.S.H. leader Frank Tenpenny were at the crime scene later to investigate the drive-by shooting. She was most likely shot in the head during the drive-by, as Pulaski says "Carl, you should have seen your mom before she was buried. She was a real mess - most of her face was hanging off!"