Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson
Appearances GTA San Andreas
Full Name Brian Johnson


Place of Birth Los Santos, San Andreas
Date of Death 1987 (Killed in an unexplained accident)
Nationality American
Home Johnson House, Grove Street, Los Santos, San Andreas
Family Beverly Johnson
Sean "Sweet" Johnson (brother)
Carl "CJ" Johnson (brother)
Kendl Johnson (sister)
Main Affiliations Grove Street Families

Brian Johnson (? - 1987) is a character in the 3D Universe who is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. He is the youngest of the Johnson siblings.

Brian was associated with the Grove Street Families, likely due to being a relative of the gang's leader, his eldest brother Sean "Sweet" Johnson. He lived in the Johnson House, Ganton, Los Santos until his death in 1987. He apparently bore a strong resemblance to his other brother, Carl "CJ" Johnson, as Emmet initially mistakes Carl for Brian when they first meet.

It is implied that Brian died in a tragic accident in 1987, with his brother Carl present at the time of his death. Sweet blamed Carl for his death, which led to Carl leaving Los Santos for Liberty City. Carl did not attend Brian's funeral, as is confirmed when Sweet says: "That's another funeral you ran away from, fool. Just like Brian's." It is implied that either the accident was so severe that Carl was lucky to have survived, or he ran away from the situation entirely, as Sweet says to his childhood friend and later enemy Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris in The Introduction - "CJ's been spending 5 years running around like a fool on the east coast when he should've been dead."

According to what corrupt C.R.A.S.H. officer Frank Tenpenny says to Carl in the end cutscene of The Green Sabre, and later what Carl says to Sweet during End of the Line while they're outside Smoke's drug palace, Carl let Brian die in some way, though it is never made clear how.