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Free Mode is a multiplayer mode in Grand Theft Auto IV, The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The game mode

Official description: "Kick back, Liberty City is your playground, only your playmates ain't so nice."

In the mode, the entire single-player map of Liberty City is open to the player(s) (with the exception of some interiors to prevent spoilers). Weapons are also available, ranging from knives to rocket launchers (weapons may vary according to host's weapon set choice), all of which can be picked up and used by the player. Along with weapons, health packs and body armour vests can be picked up. Almost every vehicle from single-player is in Free Mode, including helicopters, and can seat multiple players or be used in different driving or combat roles effectively. Pay 'n' Sprays can be found throughout the city, which can be used to evade the police (if they are turned on in the settings) or to repair or change the colour of a vehicle.

One Free Mode session can fit up to 16 players (on consoles) or 32 players (on PC). Friendly Fire can be turned on or off by the host (which will allow or disallow the killing of other players), as well as police, vehicles and pedestrians. The weather, time, auto-aim (can be allowed or disallowed) and area can also be changed to the host's liking.

Even though it is meant to be a leisure game mode, the majority of players tend to play Free Mode in a deathmatch-style format or as a way to show skill or expertise in something not available in other game modes, such as using the guns on Buzzards or Annihilators.