Grand Opening

Grand Opening
Mike about to drive to 8-Ball's Autos

Mike about to drive to 8-Ball's Autos
Game GTA Advance
For Jonnie
Location Red Light District, Portland, Liberty City
Reward $6,000
Unlocks Pocket Rocket

Grand Opening is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by bar tender Jonnie from the bar he works at in the Red Light District of Portland, Liberty City.


A new bar, called Diamond Sky, is having their grand opening the next night and have plans to throw a three-level disco. This new bar will, according to Jonnie, attract the wrong kind of crowd to the Red Light District and will put his customers off. Jonnie tells Mike to take his wrecked Idaho to 8-Ball's bomb shop. Mike meets Slick, who rigs the car with explosives, and then drives to disco. Mike then blows the car up, causing major damage to the bar. The police rush to the area but Mike manages to lose them by getting a new car re-sprayed at Pay 'n' Spray, before returning to Jonnie at the bar.


Jonnie: Hey, Mike. Thanks for comin'. I got a real problem that's happening right across the street. They're puttin' up a three-level disco called Diamond Sky and the grand opening is tomorrow night. It's going to attract the wrong type of clientele to the area, which is bad for my business.

Mike: Let me guess, you want me to torch the place.

Jonnie: Well if a certain car were to be placed at a certain spot and had a major malfunction - I wouldn't be displeased. Take the Idaho out front - it's a damn eyesore. The windows were shattered by the bass vibrations coming out of that place. Drive the car over to 8-Ball's shop and keep it in reasonable shape - he'll set you up.

(Mike enters the car)

Mike: This car's an embarassment. It deserves a fiery death.

Slick: Hey, Mike. People 'round here call me Slick... probably 'cause I'm covered in grease most times. 8-Ball told me he's in a bit of a jam and is keeping a low profile. Don't ask me about the details because I don't know but he said he'd contact you.

Mike: That's not like 8-Ball to be on the run. Something or someone must have him real spooked.

Slick: He took off real quick... on to those car bombs, they're unstable. Try not to accidentally set the car on fire.

(Mike drives to the disco)

Jonnie (pager): That's the place. No second thoughts now, Mike. I'm paying you good money. Jonnie.

(Mike blows up the disco)

Jonnie (pager): Shit, Mike. That woke the neighbors. The police are on to you. Jonnie.

(Mike gets the car re-sprayed)

Jonnie (pager): Come back to the bar. Jonnie.

(Mike drives to the bar in the Red Light District)

Jonnie: Nice job, Mike. That was expertly handled. I'll have something more for you soon.

Post mission page script

Jonnie: Mike, I'm in need of some serious firepower. Come back to the bar. Jonnie.


The reward for completing the mission is $6,000. The mission Pocket Rocket is unlocked by completing the mission.

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