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This is a discussion on whether or not Grand Theft Wiki should have individual pages for things that are usually in lists.

This revolves around whether there is any point in having pages with only a couple of lines of text and a photo.

Please discuss your opinion on the talk page.

For example: Gourmet Deli

<div style="border:1px solid grey; padding:20px; "> {{:Gourmet Deli}}<br clear="both"> </div>

This page has only a line of text and a photo. All of this could simply be in a list of those businesses, like Businesses in GTA III could be:

Name Description Location Photo
Gourmet Deli Delicatessen Chinatown, Portland GourmetDeli-GTAIII-exterior.jpg

So is there any point having a whole page? A page is easier to edit than a table (so more users can add more information). But is there any point in that if it is impossible for there to be any more information to add? A map could be added, or have multiple screenshots, but is there anything else?

Would it be better to have just a list of businesses? The list could have anchor tags so that pages could redirect to the correct part of the list.

This is only directed at non-interactive non-enterable 2-dimensional texture shop fronts, rather than businesses which have more to them, such as functional ones (Pay 'n' Spray / Ammunation) or ones involved in the storyline (Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster).

As well as businesses, this also applies to pages for items of clothing (such as those on Clothing in GTA Vice City, where most of the articles would only be a screenshot and a short description

Please discuss your opinion on the talk page.