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The following is a walkthrough of the Grove 4 Life mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Drive Sweet and yourself to Idlewood, east of Ganton. After arriving at the destination, Sweet's health bar appears, and the player has to start a gang war against the Ballas. After starting it, survive three waves of attacks to claim the hood for the Grove Street Families. After claiming the hood, Sweet tells Carl to get one more hood in Idlewood. Survive three waves of attacks, then the hood belongs to the Families again. After getting it, Sweet tells Carl to bail back to Grove Street. Head back to Sweet's house. Stop in the red marker. Sweet then gives Carl cut of the money from a Ballas gangster, as the mission would then be passed.

Tips for passing the mission easily

  • When the cutscene ends, run and get into the car. Don't wait for Sweet. A prompt would ask you to go back and get Sweet, but that is not important, ignore it. Drive to idlewood, and take over the territory by a usual gang war. This reduces the chance of failing the mission (because most players might find themselves failing the mission because of Sweet, as he gets too many injuries during the gang war). By leaving Sweet behind (in Grove street), you can easily do the mission without having to worry for sweet. The glitch in this method is that you can hear Sweet's voice during the mission, even though you have left him behind.
  • Another somewhat helpful thing you may do is to ask gang members to help you (they can only take cover for a small time after getting shot by the Ballas). Target any gang member, and press (default) "G" key (on a PC) to recruit him to the gang. You can get a bus or a big vehicle to take as many gang members as you want.

Video walkthrough

PC Version - GTASeriesVideos