Gang Warfare in GTA San Andreas

Gang Warfare is a feature in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas available upon completion of Doberman (they are no longer available after the mission The Green Sabre, but they return after the mission Home Coming). Taking over enemy gang territory earns you more Respect and Money.

The gang territories in San Andreas are denoted by colored areas on the map. This is a list of gangs whose territories you can take over and their corresponding colors:

Gang Color
Ballas Purple
Grove Street Families Green
Los Santos Vagos Yellow
Varrios Los Aztecas Turquoise
San Fierro Rifa Blue
San Fierro Triads Red
Da Nang Boys Grey
Russian Mafia White
Italian Mafia Black

Of these, only three gangs (Grove Street Families, Ballas and Los Santos Vagos) are available, and gang wars only occur in Los Santos, though it is possible to add territories in other locations through the use of mods or glitches. There is also a possibility that one territory can be controlled by two gangs (usually when a territory has not been fully taken over or if you die during reclaiming your territories) causing gang fights to break out in the territory.

You will earn 6% respect for each territory you control, plus 3% "Running Respect." You lose the "Running Respect" if you lose a territory. You can also earn "Running Respect" by killing enemy gang members. A Grove Street Families member's death causes a loss of running respect nearly as great as losing a territory. Taking over all of the territories isn't required for 100% Completion but taking over 35% of territories is required to trigger the final storyline mission, End of the Line.

Taking over enemy territory

Enemy territory During a war Grove Street territory

To take over an enemy gang's territory, simply enter the territory and start attacking gang members. Once you've killed three gang members, you will be notified that a gang war has begun. Health and armor pickups spawn in the streets, and the first wave of gang members will move in on you.

There are a total of three waves of enemies you must defeat. In each wave, the gang member's firepower will increase, going from Micro SMGs, SMGs and Pistols in the first wave, to MP5s and AK-47s in the second and third waves. Defeating all the waves will win the gang war and cause the territory to fall under Grove Street Families control, with Grove Street members beginning to wander the area. Taking over all of the other gangs' turf in Los Santos will mean that the Grove Street Families have completely taken over Los Santos; the player's territories will no longer be attacked.

It is a challenge to take over every piece of available territory, as some are sparsely populated industrial areas where gang members rarely spawn, and there are also a few narrow slivers of territory that can be easily missed; it's possible to think all territory has been captured only to have to defend an area attacked from a previously undiscovered piece of enemy gang territory. The smallest territory is located in Temple and includes the area immediately surrounding a 24/7 store.

Available Territories
East Beach
East Los Santos
El Corona
Glen Park
Las Colinas
Little Mexico
Los Flores
Playa Del Seville
Santa Maria Beach
Unity Station
Verona Beach

Defending Grove Street Territory

When a Grove Street Families territory is attacked by an enemy gang, the area flashes red on the map, and a flag appears on your radar. You'll also receive a pop up warning of the attack.

All enemy gang members will be present and marked on your radar. If you do not defend the territory, you will lose it to the attacking gang, and you will lose Respect.

If your territory comes under attack, you can instead head for a safehouse and save the game or to do the side missions (Paramedics) to avoid having to defend your turf.

Defending works a little differently than attacking: there is only a single wave of enemy gang members, and it is not necessary to engage them on foot, so running them over with a vehicle (a Rhino is particularly effective, plus you can shoot them with its gun) is an option.

Recruiting Gang Members

You can recruit gang members. Once they are recruited, you have the option of either calling them to you, having them stay put, or allowing them to scatter. If your respect is above 1%, you can recruit 2 members; above 10%, 3 members; above 20%, 4 members; above 40%, 5 members; above 60%, 6 members, above 80%, 7 members.

If gang members are following you, they will attack any person that attacks you. They will also attack anyone you attack. If you attack an enemy gang member, your gang member will attack any member of that gang. When you are driving in a car and there are enemy gang members walking down the street your members will attack them automatically if they have a weapon. If the police are chasing you they will shoot at the police also.

Unlocking More Territory

If you take a plane and fly east or west for 15 or more minutes then crash the plane in the water & let Carl drown, there will be more Gang Territory unlocked all over San Andreas after you re-spawn at a hospital.

Now this method will give Grove Street, Ballas and Los Santos Vagos territory across the entire map. These territories won't come under attack and it is hard to take them from the rival gangs since they will rarely spawn gang members in them.

Repeat this method to unlock more territory.

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