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Hookies is a small seafood diner located by the Great Ocean Hwy in North Chumash, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It is frequented by members of The Lost and is a front for the San Andreas methanphetamine distribution. It also serves as a purchasable property for Michael and Franklin.


Hookies main part consists of a medium-sized trailer with a patio with benches and windows. The backside is fenced-in and trash and boxes are littered throughout the lot. In the back of the diner is a staircase which can be used to access the roof, which features a bright, blue sign. A small bit away from the main restaurant is a small shed with several porterpotties and a baseball bat. Separate from the other buildings is a row of unusable garages, presumably used by the Lost. There are several parking spots for motorcycles to park on, as there are usually several bikes belonging to the Lost at all times. Members of the Lost Brotherhood appear to be the diner's most frequent customers and they can turn hostile very easily. Michael and Franklin may only be attacked if the bikers feel provoked, but Trevor is instantly assaulted by customers because of his violent feud with the gang. Near a filthy couch next to the bathrooms some vagrants appear to have taken residence and will usually flee if threatened.


  • Trevor is the only protagonist who can't own this property, due to his intense war with the Lost.