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Defending the safe.
Shooting Lance.
Killing Sonny.
'This could be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship...'.

The following article is a walkthrough for the climax mission Keep Your Friends Close... in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Before the Mission

Before you start the mission, load up on Body Armor, M16 and MP5 ammunition.

Mission Walkthrough

Meet up with Ken and Lance. You get told by the two that your former boss, Sonny Forelli is angered that you are taking over Vice City. After failing to forcibly tax your expanding business ventures, he will be arriving in Vice City himself to deal with you in person. Forewarned of Sonny's arrival, you tell Ken sets aside $3 million in counterfeit cash in an attempt to placate him.

However, when Sonny finally arrives, the treacherous Lance Vance openly betrays you, citing "business" as his motivation. At the same time, you are also reeling from the realization that the 15 years he spent in prison on behalf of the Forelli Family was the result of an ambush orchestrated by Sonny himself.

After the cutscenes finish, you will be given the following instruction:

The Mafia is trying to steal your money. Defend the safe.

The mission begins in your office at the top of the main staircase. Here, your duty is to stay put and slaughter incoming enemies as they try to access your office safe. Several of Sonny's goons will attempt entry to the office, and it is your job to kill them before they get to the safe. A Colt Python spawns in the office at the onset of this part of the mission, making this process easier. Crouch behind the chair behind your desk, arm yourself with a shotgun and wait for some Forelli Family goons to turn up. As soon as you see them, shoot them down with the Colt Python or a Shotgun. If you need to, step outside of your office to eliminate the men. Once about 20 men are down, Lance Vance emerges from a hallway with many goons protecting him and taunts you. You will then be given the following instruction:

Go and kill Lance Vance the backstabber.

Now it's time to kill Lance. He will enter on the second floor of the main hall, overlooking the main staircase and office door, wielding a Kruger assault rifle. You and he will engage in a short conversation before he begins shooting at you. At this point, you need to chase Lance down the hallway leading to the interior staircase while he and numerous Forelli goons take shots at you. Upon reaching the interior staircase, Lance will head for the roof.

Ignore the Forelli Family mobsters shooting at you in the hallway. It is only going to waste your time and ammunition. Instead shoot at and chase Lance up the roof. While you are chasing Lance, kill the Forelli mobsters that come down from the roof to shoot at you.

Once you reach the roof, crouch behind the barrels on the roof for a small amount of cover. Using the holes between the barrels, shoot Lance and his bodyguards. Once Lance's health is reduced to halfway, Tommy will yell, "This is the last dance for Lance Vance!" Lance replies, "I said, I had enough of that at school!" Once he is completely dead, Tommy will yell, "You picked the wrong side, Lance..."

On the roof, kill the remaining Forelli mobsters, if you have not done so already. You will also have the option of taking out the Forellis' limos, ending the unlimited supply of gangsters. However, if you are a collector of special vehicles, save one limo. The Forelli limos come in a unique shade of silver, normal limos are white.

Now head down to the bottom of the interior staircase (the way you ran after Lance) and go inside the room at the bottom. Restore your health and armour and pick up some M16 ammunition, then go back up the stairs and go back in front of the office. Kill any Forellis there.

When you walk out of the office, Sonny will show up at the foot of the main staircase with two more guys, where he "reminds" you that your 15 years of incarceration were his to spend, before releasing his goons on you.

Kill Sonny and finish this once and for all.

Take out your most powerful weapon and empty every bullet of it into Sonny. Shoot Sonny as quickly as possible, as new Forelli soldatos will continue to stream into the main hall. Once Sonny is dead, the mission is over and in the ensuing cutscene, Tommy replaces the now deceased Lance with Ken Rosenberg as his right hand man, explaining that this "could be the beginning of a beautiful business relationship."

Video Walkthrough

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