Los Santos Saints

Logo of the Los Santos Saints.

The Los Santos Saints or The Saints are a professional baseball team that plays at the Los Santos Forum in East Beach, Los Santos, San Andreas. Their logo is similar to that of the pro-baseball team the Los Angeles Dodgers in Los Angeles. However, their name is a reference to the Anaheim Angels (which also represents Los Angeles). Their slogan is "Your City's Premier Baseball Team, Until We Get A Better Offer", referencing the frequent moving professional sports teams did in the late 20th century. The team is implied to be rivals with the San Fierro Packers and Las Venturas Bandits.

The player can buy Los Santos Saints apparel at ProLaps. Sweet is almost always shown wearing a green baseball cap with the 'LS' logo on it. The logo is almost exactly the same as the Saints' logo, implying that Sweet is wearing a green version of a Saints' hat. However, this could just be a hat representing Los Santos, not precisely the Saints themselves.

The beta version of Big Smoke wore a white Los Santos Saints jersey.


<gallery> File:BigSmoke-GTASA2.jpg|The beta version of Smoke wearing a LS Saints jersey File:Sweet-GTASA.jpg|Sweet Johnson wearing his green LS hat. Possibly the LS Saints logo