Made in Heaven

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Made In Heaven
CJ and Catalina arguing

CJ and Catalina arguing
Game GTA San Andreas
For Catalina
Location Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas

CJ dies

  • Catalina dies
Reward None
Unlocks Last remaining Robbery mission
Unlocked by

Tanker Commander


Made in Heaven is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by Catalina from her hideout in Fern Ridge, Red County, San Andreas. It is unlocked by the mission Gone Courting and any one of the four robbery missions given by Catalina.


Catalina is in a bad mood and wants Carl to know that she doesn't love him anymore and wants to be just partners. This mission unlocks one out of a possible of four robbery missions given by Catalina.


Catalina: Asshole!

Carl Johnson: Damn, what'd I do now!?

Catalina: You all the fucking same, eh. I see it on television. I read it in books. I hear it in music. You all the same. Fuck this, fuck that. Well, fuck you!

Carl Johnson: Baby, I'm sorry...

Catalina: I gave to you, as a woman. No! No more! From now on, we just business partners. OK?

Carl Johnson: Eh, if that's how you want it. But I mean you're breakin' my heart...

Catalina: I'm warning you. I'm in a really bad fucking mood. Today I kill everybody who fucks with me! Especially you! Move!

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