Nervous Ron/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Nervous Ron", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor Philips walks toward his trailer)

Ron Jakowski: Come quick, boss! They were here for you. Here... For you.

Trevor Philips: Who was here?

(Trevor and Ron walk inside Trevor's trailer)

Ron Jakowski: Them bikers. After you killed Johnny K?

Trevor Philips: And they damaged my stuff, huh? They smash up my home. Damage my soul. Look at this... this... this, this, this, this statue her of Impotent Rage. This fucking meant more to me than Johnny K meant to anyone. And they smashed it. Those pathetic, midlife crisis, hog-riding, shaven-headed, fruity leather-chap-wearing fucking assholes!

Ron Jakowski: They're assholes, Trevor. They are, they're chap-wearing assholes!

(Wade Hebert walks in to Trevor's trailer but tries to leave to avoid Trevor)

Trevor Philips: Wade, Wade, Wade, you little shit. Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey. Michael fucking Townley, right? Bitch wife. Two kids. Forty five. Find him?

Wade Hebert: Los Santos is a big, big place, Trevor. There's lots of people.

Trevor Philips: You are fucking useless! Huh? Find out who did that fucking robbery, alright? And if Michael Townley lives there, or anyone matching his description, or I'm going to kill you and your fucking cousin! Am I being clear now?

Wade Hebert: Yes. Trevor.

Trevor Philips: Thank you, Wade. Now, smile.

(Wade begins to smile)

Trevor Philips: Yeah... Alright, that's better. Run along...

Wade Hebert: Okay.

Trevor Philips: Now, Ron. Shall we go? I cannot believe that they fucking destroyed my statue of Impotent Rage. The cheek! Huh? The fucking cheek of it.

(Trevor and Ron walk towards two Blazers parked outside Trevor's trailer)

Trevor Philips: I gotta make a stop at Ammu-Nation. You're meeting me at The Lost MC's airfield.

(Trevor drives towards Ammu-Nation)

Ron Jakowski: Come in. Come in.

Trevor Philips: I'll come in your ear when I get a hold of you.

Ron Jakowski: Ahh... what're you buying at the gun shop?

Trevor Philips: I'm not buying anything. I need a sniper rifle with a high power scope.

(Trevor enters Ammu-Nation)

Trevor Philips: Melvin, how you feel about brand synergy, huh? TP Industries. Ammu-Nation. Good, 'cause you're about to make a corporate gift of a rifle, a high powered scope and a suppressor. That sniper on your wall looks like it will do the job.

(Trevor 'buys' the sniper rifle)

Trevor Philips: She'll do nicely. You got a scope with a suppressor for this?

(Trevor buys the scope and suppressor)

Trevor Philips: They won't here my coming. Okay.

Trevor Philips: Now stop selling weapons to the halfwit Cletus./Get that look off your face. I know you sold Cletus his gun and he ain't got three brain cells.

(Trevor leaves Ammu-Nation)

Trevor Philips: Ron, Ron, I got the gun. Meet me at the water tower just north of the airfield.

Ron Jakowski: Roger that, Trevor. Bu... but you got to look out, 'cause there's bikers all over this airstrip.

Trevor Philips: Of course there are. Two planes are touching down at the field on a weapons run. We're gonna wait till the right time, and appropriate 'em.

Ron Jakowski: We are?

Trevor Philips: Yes. We are.

Ron Jakowski: I'm waiting at the water tower, boss.

(Trevor arrives at the water tower)

Ron Jakowski: I'm up here. I don't see the ahrdward, but I do see a helluva lotta bikers. Up here.

Trevor Philips: Hardware's not here yet. I'm coming up. We gotta wait till you can slip in there unnoticed. Should give you the time to plan a route to the gas tanker you're rigging up to blow.

(The game will advance to night time)

Trevor Philips: The time is right. Go on, my son.

(Ron begins to drive the Blazer towards the airfield)

Trevor Philips: Whenever you get a doubt in your mind, I want you to remember that I'm watching you through the scope of a high powered rifle.

Ron Jakowski: Right, Trevor. Right. Right. Got it.

Trevor Philips: Now, relax.

(Ron continues to drive towards the airfield)

Trevor Philips: The ATV can only take you so far. Park it and don't let 'em spot ya.

Ron Jakowski: Can you see me, Trevor? Trevor? You see me?

Trevor Philips: You wouldn't believe this, Ron. One of these assholes is having a seizure or something.

Ron Jakowski: That's me! That's me. Don't shoot.

Trevor Philips: Well, get a move on.

Ron Jakowski: I'm moving! Just keep me covered, okay?

(Ron continues to move toward the air control tower)

Ron Jakowski: Hold up! There's a guard standing under the control tower!

(Trevor kills the Lost guard at the control tower)

Ron Jakowski: Nice kill, Trevor.

Trevor Philips: Hurry it up, Ronnie.

(Ron continues to move toward the air control tower)

Ron Jakowski: Shit! I hear an engine" They're going to see that guy you shot. Maybe if you shoot those lights on the tower, he won't be so obvious! It's coming. Quick. Quick.

(Trevor shoots out the lights)

Ron Jakowski: You got 'em. Now, don't shoot the guy in the van until he stops and gets out.

(The van drives towards Ron's location)

Ron Jakowski: Hold fire, we gotta see what he's up to.

(The driver gets out of the van)

Ron Jakowski: I think he's just calling the dead guy. You can erase him now. He's out. You can put him down.

(Trevor kills the driver)

Ron Jakowski: You shoulda seent he look on his face. Wait! A guy cme out the control tower! Get him quick.

(If Trevor misses)

Ron Jakowski: He's gonna see us.

(Trevor kills the man in the control tower)

Trevor Philips: So long, sailor.

Ron Jakowski: Oh no. Bottom of the tower. Another guy's on his way. He's down there, amongst the bodies!

(Trevor kills the Lost gangster)

Ron Jakowski: Clean shot, Trev. There's another guy at the top of the tower. He's probably looking for his buddy.

(Trevor kills the second guard on the control tower)

Trevor Philips: Down he goes.

Ron Jakowski: Can you get your sights back on me? Come on, man.

(Trevor locates Ron using his sniper rifle)

Trevor Philips: I got you in my sights, so get a move on and plant that bomb on the gas tank.

(Ron begins to walk towards the gas tank)

Ron Jakowski: I can't. There's someone coming out of that building. I can hear 'em at that far door.

(If Trevor does not immediately kill the man)

Ron Jakowski: Someone's coming out the far door, man.

(Trevor kills the Lost gangster)

Ron Jakowski: Shoot, the guy had a buddy in the building. He's coming out.

(The man sees his friends dead body)

Ron Jakowski: He's seen it! Smoke him or he'll get the others!

(Trevor kills the friend with Ron walking toward the gas tank)

Ron Jakowski: Good kill, Trevor.

(Ron reaches the gas tank)

Ron Jakowski: I'm fitting it. Just keep a look out! And whatever you do, don't him the tank. Please, man.

(A biker arrives on a motorcycle)

Ron Jakowski: Someone's coming. He's going to get me before I finish.

(Trevor shoots the biker)

Ron Jakowski: A bolt from the blue. Can you hear that? Chopper! Incoming!

Trevor Philips: I've always hated that chopper. Just fuckin' drive! You're bikers!

(Trevor shoots the pilot)

Helicopter passenger: Oh shi...

(The passenger falls out of the spiralling helicopter)

Helicopter passenger: Shit!

(Trevor climbs down from his position on the water tower and drives toward the airstrip)

Ron Jakowski: The pilot plan didn't work! They know they're being attacked.

(Trevor arrives near the airstrip to help Ron)

Ron Jakowski: There, in the hangar! The plane! I'll get it started, if you can clear the runway. I don't see none of the guys who came to your trailer here.

Trevor Philips: One dead biker is as good to me as another.

(Trevor drives/walks close to the airstrip)

Trevor Philips: I'm afraid I got to confiscate this weaponry!

(Trevor kills some of the Lost bikers)

Ron Jakowski: I think I saw a man void his bowels.

Trevor Philips: Happens to the best of us, now start that plane.

(Trevor kills more Lost bikers)

Trevor Philips: Give up the guns and we can be friends again!

Ron Jakowski: Shouldn't we go find the guys who came to the trailer?

Trevor Philips: No, we should secure this fuckin' hardware.

(Trevor kills more Lost bikers)

Ron Jakowski: We're ready to take off once this runway's been cleared.

Trevor Philips: Well, why don't you come out here and clear it, you lazy fucking bum!? This is what they call an aggressive takeover.

(Trevor continues to kill more Bikers)

Ron Jakowski: Status report, Trevor.

Trevor Philips: I'm up to my eyeballs in blood, sweat and excrement. How the fuck are you?

Ron Jakowski: Uhhh. Fine on this end, thank you. See you soon.

Trevor Philips: Christ!

(Trevor continues to make his way toward the hangar)

Trevor Philips: Which one of you trashed my model?

(Trevor continues to kill more Lost bikers)

Trevor Philips: Make your peace, gentlemen.

(Trevor clears the runway and starts heading to the plane)

Ron Jakowski: Get in the plane, Trevor.

(Trevor gets to the plane)

Ron Jakowski: Plane's loaded up with crates, Trevor. Just like you said.

(Trevor jumps onto the right hand wing of the plane and motions for Ron to depart)

Trevor Philips: Rest of the guns must be on that plane down the end of the runway.

(A Lost biker walks in front of the hangar as Ron starts the engine)

Trevor Philips: Vamos! Go!

(Ron gets the plane out of the hangar)

Trevor Philips: Let's go!

(Trevor kills some Lost bikers as the plane begins to turn on to the runway)

Trevor Philips: Let's see what these explosives can do.

(Trevor shoots at some more Lost bikers)

Ron Jakowski: Ain't you gonna use them explosives? Blowin' that bomb would probably help us out some.

(Trevor continues to shoot at Lost bikers)

Ron Jakowski: Ain't it time to use that bomb?

(Trevor continues to shoot at Lost bikers)

Ron Jakowski: Ain't you gonna use them explosives? Blowin' that bomb would probably help us out some.

(The plane arrives close to the second plane toward the end of the runway with Trevor jumping off the wing)

Trevor Philips: Shit.

(Trevor lands on the airstrip)

Trevor Philips: Is this one free, you perma-chub pricks?

(Trevor gets into the plane while a Lost biker jumps on to the wing)

Trevor Philips: I suppose there's room for a passenger.

Ron Jakowksi: Find a clear patch of runway, and take off.

Trevor Philips: I told my contact to meet us just off the coast.

Ron Jakowski: Hey, there's a biker on your wing, Trevor.

Trevor Philips: I am aware of this.

Ron Jakowski: Well, you got to get him off. Do a roll or something.

Trevor Philips: While the man on my wing presents no immediate danger, I'll do my best to oblige you.

Ron Jakowski: That guy is clinging on.

(Trevor, having taken off the following Ron, attempts to get the biker off the wing)

Ron Jakowski: He ain't lettin' go, is he?

(The biker loses his grip)

Ron Jakowski: You set up a buyer for these guns already? I thought we was just hitting back them for the thing with the statue.

Trevor Philips: If you'd read our latest shareholder report, Ron, you'd know TP Enterprises has been exploring a take over of some Lost MC business in the armaments and narcotics sectors for some time. And that kind of requires someone to purchase our guns!

Ron Jakowski: Right. Of course. But Johnny K and the figurine?

Trevor Philips: Recent events - my impending departure included - have only expedited things.

Ron Jakowski: Trevor Philips Enterprises is a far superior organization to the Lost leather club.

Trevor Philips: Well, we hope to improve revenue streams. Cut overheads, and maximize profit, all that.

Ron Jakowski: I wouldn't expect anything less.

Trevor Philips: For one thing, we won't be paying a bunch of idiots to stand around in cow hide sniffing engine fumes.

Ron Jakowski: It's important work you're doing out here. God knows, we need a sharp mind running things. I'm blessed to be a part of it.

(Ron and Trevor fly out of Raton Canyon and to the Pacific Ocean)

Ron Jakowski: I see a signal. You think that's your guy?

Trevor Philips: Affirmative. Make the drop.

(Trevor and Ron continue to fly toward the drop zone)

Ron Jakowski: Military base coming up. Fly low. We don't wanna show on their radar.

(Trevor and Ron drop the weapons in the drop zone)

Ron Jakowski: They got the packages!

Trevor Philips: Shipment successfully delivered, Ron. Now remember, if you beat me to the airstrip, I'll butcher your carcass and wrap in your cheesecloth.

Ron Jakowski: You wouldn't really do that to me, would you?

Trevor Philips: Beat me, and you'll see.

Ron Jakowski: I ain't a trainer air force pilot like you. I can just about get where I'm going, but I don't got much choice over whether it's fast or slow.

Trevor Philips: Then get better at it. Or fly through a barn.

Ron Jakowski: Military base coming up. Fly low. We don't wanna show on their radar. Keep low over the swamp, boss.

(Trevor and Ron fly toward the airstrip in Grapeseed)

Ron Jakowski: So, the guns are going to Mexico?

Trevor Philips: Mexico. Yeah. Guy in the boat is Oscar Guzman. He's in with the cartels.

Ron Jakowski: If there's a market, this could be a way to expand the business.

Trevor Philips: Like I hadn't thought of that! We might be able to buy into Oscar's thing. But leave that to me, Ron.

Ron Jakowski: I'm sorry to ask this, but does your contact pay well for this kind of shipment? 'Cause I've got those lawyer fees for the divorce... and my settlement costs.

Trevor Philips: Oh, he pays. Better than any in this sorry country.

Ron Jakowski: That's good to hear, man.

Trevor Philips: We'll talk about the exact split when we're grounded, okay?

Ron Jakowski: Alright, T.

(Trevor lands on the runway)

Ron Jakowski: You see, Trevor. You won. You're the better man... as if there was any doubt.

(Trevor taxis his plane into the hangar while Ron also lands leaving his on the airstrip)

Trevor Philips: I think that was adequate restitution for my Impotent Rage statue.

Ron Jakowski: That was a mighty fine statue, Trev.

Trevor Philips: That was a mighty fine piece of plastic shit. But there is no price for emotional attachment. I mean, you might forego your cut to, ahh, alleviate my heartache?

Ron Jakowski: I might?

(Trevor leans closer to Ron)

Ron Jakowski: I mean I will, good idea.

Trevor Philips: We don't have time to dwell on that now, because we got more runs, Ron. If there is one thing that they need south of that big fence, it is guns.

Ron Jakowski: Trevor Philips Industries... Technical expertise. Managerial innovations. Unstoppable.

Trevor Philips: Oh, that's right! Now go. I need to meditate. Or masturbate. Or both...