Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill

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Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
Game GTA V
Protagonist Trevor Philips
For Nigel
Mrs. Thornhill
Location Vinewood Hills, Los Santos
Unlocks Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry
Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark
Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler
Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie
Unlocked by Friends Reunited

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill in Vinewood Hills, Los Santos. The mission cannot be failed.


Trevor Philips finds Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill going through two wheelie bins and is told to just 'ignore them'. Trevor goes to leave but is asked by Nigel if they he is former stunt man and actor Jock Cranley. Nigel tells Trevor that he loves Jock's films and asks for a photograph of "Jock" throttling him to mimmick a film poster with Mrs. Thornhill getting her camera ready. Trevor agrees and places his hand on Nigel's throat but becomes too involved and actually starts throttling Nigel. Mrs. Thornhill goes over and hits Trevor with her handbag causing Trevor to let go of Nigel and states that she is 'quite a woman'. The two begin praising "Jock" saying that they are not worthy. Trevor tells them that he is not Jock Cranley.

Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill, who either did not hear or ignored him, explain that they came to Los Santos because of their love for celebrities and that they were trying to break into Bruce Spade's house to steal his rubbish for Mrs. Thornhill's 'unbelievable collection of celebrity underwear and bathroom products'. Trevor wishes them a good time in Los Santos and begins to walk away. He is stopped by Mrs. Thornhill who asks for his help in acquiring certain celebrity items for her collection as they struggle with rooting through bins due to Nigel's arthritic knee. Nigel shows Trevor a map showing the location of celebrity homes and tells him they would be grateful for his help. Nigel states that the Americans are the best people before he and Mrs. Thornhill walk away with Trevor calling them 'fruitcakes'.

Video walkthrough

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