Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited
Game GTA V
For Trevor Philips
Objective Bomb the Lost MC camp, then drive to Los Santos
Location Sandy Shores
Vespucci Beach, Los Santos
Fail Wade Hebert dies or is abandoned
Unlocks Fame or Shame
Debra's Apartment as a safehouse
Unlocked by Crystal Maze

Friends Reunited is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given by Trevor Philips for himself.


As Trevor approaches his trailer, he finds Wade Hebert on the porch, and Wade jumps off to hide from Trevor. Trevor asks Wade if he has found Michael Townley yet. Wade claims he found two people by that exact name, one being 83 and the other in kindergarten, neither of which matches the description given by Trevor (middle-aged, bitch wife, and two kids). However, Wade states he found someone who matched Trevor's description by looking through the phonebook. Trevor calls for Ron Jakowski next door, and Trevor tells him that he and Wade are going to Los Santos while Ron stays behind to run Trevor Philips Enterprises.

Before Trevor and Wade leave Sandy Shores, Trevor states he needs to make a stop before heading to Los Santos. Trevor then drives to the trailer park where he wiped out most of the Lost MC in Blaine County, discovering that another chapter of The Lost has come to mourn their fallen brothers as well as to get revenge for Trevor's rampage. After nightfall, Trevor plants Sticky Bombs on The Lost's trailers. After detonating the bombs and dealing with any survivors, Trevor and Wade leave for Los Santos. On the way, Wade asks Trevor to tell him a story. Trevor initially refuses; however, when Wade attempts to play 20 Questions, Trevor says he will tell Wade a story if he stays quiet for the rest of the trip. Trevor begins to tell Wade his life story in the form of a fairy tale, attempting to use aliases for him and Michael. Trevor stops briefly outside of the Los Santos city limits to collect his thoughts about Michael and the past decade. After getting back in his vehicle, Trevor continues to tell Wade his fantasized life story.

When Trevor gets near Floyd Hebert's condo in Vespucci Beach, Wade gives him directions. Upon arriving, Wade knocks on the door to announce their arrival; however, Trevor barges in on Floyd. Floyd states that Trevor and Wade can't stay at his apartment, saying that his girlfriend will kill him if she found out that he had guests while she was away. Trevor demands that Floyd fix him a drink, and Floyd states that they don't have any booze, to which Trevor demands that he and Wade go out and get some.

Upon completing the mission, Floyd's condo becomes Trevor's new safehouse.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Headshots Kill at least 5 enemies with a headshot.
Mystery Gift Destroy the trailers without being detected.
Unmarked Complete the mission with minimal damage to health and armor.
Perfect Gift Destroy all of the trailers simultaneously.


  • One of the Lost MC members mentions Billy Grey; however, the subtitles incorrectly spells his surname as "Gray".
  • If the player uses an open-top vehicle during this mission, such as Trevor's Bodhi, Wade will complain about getting wet, as a thunderstorm is a scripted event while Trevor plants sticky bombs on The Lost's trailers.
  • The name of the mission may be a reference to, a British social networking site that used to have over 15 million members.

Video walkthrough

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