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The following is a walkthrough for the mission No Love Lost in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Head over to Mikhail's house. You will see a long cutscene with Faustin. Drive over to the nearby building at the Firefly Island funfair where the couple are talking.

Anna's boyfriend will flee on a motorcycle; chase him on the PCJ-600 nearby and open fire. The game will instruct you in how to fire from a vehicle. Try to kill him before he meets up with his gang, to complete the mission early. If he does meet them, follow them off-road and take cover behind a tree. Use an Assault Rifle or SMG to take out all of the gang, preferably at range. Once they are eliminated, the mission is passed. This is an easy way to gain weapons, as the bikers drop them when they are killed, if you're fast enough to get them.