Ocean Drive (race)

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The Ocean Drive race route in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Ocean Drive is a street race side mission available in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. It is provided by A+B Auto. The races become available after the player purchases the Sunshine Autos car showroom.

Starting The Race

To start the race, go to the Sunshine Autos Import Garage. Stand in the pink cylinder and choose the mission. In order to enter a race the player must have sufficient funds. The entry fee for the race is $500, making it the second cheapest race to enter and the second lowest earning race.

The Race

The race takes place on Ocean Drive and along the road to its immediate west (Washington Avenue); the track is 2.659 km (1.652 miles) long, making it the second shortest track out of all the races in the Vice Street Racer. It is arguably the easiest race to win, as the track is fairly straightforward and doesn't have many turns.


The reward for getting first place in the race is $2000 and a step towards 100% completion.

Video walkthroughs

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