Washington Avenue

Aerial view of Washington Avenue in GTA Vice City. Ocean Drive is the road located on the right hand side.

The Washington Avenue is, as the name states, an avenue located in Ocean Beach and Washington Beach in Vice City. It makes an appearance in both Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The avenue is located directly west of Ocean Drive. Washington Avenue is one of the few named roads in Vice City, the other ones being Ocean Drive, Hoarmount Avenue, Bayshore Avenue and Washington Street. Numerous shops and stalls are located along Washington Avenue such as the Maison Wenifall hotel, The Pole Position Club, the Washington Avenue Parking Lot, Collar and Cuffs, DBP Security Headquarters and the Washington Beach Police Station. It is a long road, which is about the same length as the neighbouring Ocean Drive, which is located directly east of Washington Avenue (if the player is facing north, which is towards Vice Point). Washington Avenue starts at the Maison Wenifall hotel and ends at the Washington Beach Police Station, which is also around where Ocean Drive ends and Vice Avenue begins.


  • Despite its name, Washington Avenue is primarily located in Ocean Beach.
  • Despite its name, Washington Avenune has no connection with President George Washington, Washington DC or the Washington car in any way.