Pack Man

Pack Man
Franklin climbing on the back of the car transport trailer.
Franklin climbing on the back of the car transport trailer.

Franklin climbing on the back of the car transport trailer.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Trevor Philips
For Lamar Davis
Objective Deliver the stolen cars to Devin Weston while evading the police.
Location Glass Heroes in Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Lamar Davis dies
The Packer or JB 700 is destroyed
The trailer is unhooked from the Packer
Franklin dies while trying to reach the JB 700
The police reach the rendezvous point
Unlocks Fresh Meat
Unlocked by Bury the Hatchet
Time Limit 12 minutes(for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Pack Man is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips by Lamar Davis at the Glass Heroes business in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Lamar phones Trevor, telling him that he secured the last car and to meet him at Devin Weston's garage on Little Bighorn Ave in South Los Santos, where a Packer is waiting to take the cars to Paleto Bay. Shortly afterward, Lamar calls Franklin, telling him to meet up at Glass Heroes in Strawberry so they can drive to Weston's garage and meet up with Trevor. On the way to Weston's garage, Franklin asks Lamar how did the boost go, and Lamar states that there were no problems. However, Franklin does not believe him. After loading the Monroe onto the trailer, Franklin, Lamar, and Trevor then drive to Paleto Bay.

On the way, Franklin and Lamar complain about the cramped conditions of the truck cab, with Trevor telling Lamar to scooch over to him. Franklin says that he'll catch up on some sleep on the long trip, while Lamar and Trevor have a conversation about Michael. When the crew passes the Hookies bar in North Chumash, the police appear and attempt to stop the crew. Franklin wakes up, and tells Trevor to keep driving while he goes to the JB 700, which has since been modified with live weapons, to eliminate the police. After losing the police, Franklin calls Molly Schultz to tell her that the cars are on their way. Molly tells Franklin to meet her at the Procopio truck stop.

Once the crew arrives, Franklin talks with Molly about receiving payment. Molly tells him that Weston is investing the funds and will release them once he sees fit after the heat dies down. Franklin believes that he is getting ripped off and Molly drives away. Franklin then calls Lester about Michael's whereabouts. Lester states that Michael's mobile phone was offline and the last known usage of his credit cards was a flight to North Yankton; however, Lester does note that Michael's phone was switched back on recently. Lester suspects that Trevor may know about Michael's whereabouts, and Franklin asks Lester to have Trevor meet him at his aunt's house.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 12 minutes.
Not a Scratch Complete with minimal damage to the JB 700.
Shredder Take out the three Police Cars using spike strips.

Video walkthrough

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