Fresh Meat

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Fresh Meat
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
For Franklin Clinton
Objective Rescue Michael De Santa from the Wei Cheng Triad abattoir.
Location Strawberry Safehouse in Strawberry, Los Santos
Unlocks The Ballad of Rocco
Unlocked by Pack Man
Time Limit 3:30 minutes(to save Michael, for gold medal completion)
Achievements Solid Gold, Baby! (can be a part of)

Fresh Meat is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to and for protagonist Franklin Clinton at the Strawberry safehouse in Strawberry, Los Santos. The player can also use Michael De Santa during the mission.


Franklin drives up to his aunt's house and finds his Aunt Denise and her friends leaving the house on a walk while doing a feminist chant. Trevor Philips shows up shortly thereafter and tells the feminist group to shut up. Trevor greets Franklin, and Trevor trips on the fence while trying to jump over it. Franklin laughs at Trevor's misfortune, and Trevor blows it out of proportion, threatening to kill Franklin if he ever laughed at him again. Franklin apologizes to Trevor and tries to calm him down.

Lester Crest told Franklin that Trevor had information about Michael's whereabouts. Trevor reveals that Michael was kidnapped by the Wei Cheng Triads back in North Yankton. Franklin wants to rescue Michael; however, Trevor refuses to do so, stating that Michael is dead to him, and the next time he sees Michael, he will be dead to everyone else. Trevor walks off, punching a Families member in the process.

Franklin calls Lester and tells him what he found out from Trevor. Lester sends Franklin the Trackify app to locate Michael via his mobile phone. The game shift's to Michael's perspective, who is hanging upside down in an abattoir. He tells Wei Cheng that he and Trevor are not lovers, and Trevor is mocking him. When Cheng realizes that Trevor is not coming, he has his goons turn on the machines to kill Michael. Franklin traces Michael's cell phone signal to the Raven Abattoir in Cypress Flats. After wiping out several Triads, Franklin finds Michael and hands him a Combat Pistol. After gunning down more Triads, Franklin runs ahead to clear the corridor and is ambushed by a Triad with a Knife. After Michael kills Franklin's attacker, he frees himself, and he and Franklin shoot their way out of the abattoir.

After getting an escape car, Michael and Franklin drive back to the De Santa mansion. On the way, Michael asks how did Franklin find him and knew about the ambush in North Yankton, and Franklin reveals that Lester helped him, and Trevor told him about the ambush, respectively. Franklin asks how Michael got kidnapped, and Michael states that Trevor freaked out and the Chinese jumped him. After Michael states that he doesn't want to talk about Trevor, Franklin talks about how Devin Weston hasn't paid him for delivering the cars they stole for him. Michael tries to reassure Franklin that he will get paid; however, he has to complete work on Meltdown before he can have any leverage with Weston on Franklin's work. After arriving, Franklin asks about Michael and Trevor's falling out and Michael's involvement with the FIB. Michael tells Franklin that he made a judgement call in the past, telling Franklin he had a young family to think about, and he was running with a crew of "crazy motherfuckers with nothing to lose" and saw an out. Franklin accuses Michael of betraying his friends. Michael tells Franklin that he might sound cold, and tells him that he will understand once he has ties of his own. Franklin tells Michael to watch his back before he leaves, not knowing what Trevor is going to do when he finds out Michael survived.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Switch Limiter Switch no more than three times.
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%
Headshots Kill at least ten enemies with a headshot.
Swift Rescue Rescue Michael within 3:30.
Sense of Direction Do not use a map waypoint.


  • Micheal yells "He (Trevor) ain't my ji lao!" when being transfered. ji lao is the Chinese slang for a gay. (ji is transliteration of gay)

Video walkthrough

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