Paparazzo - The Sex Tape/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Paparazzo - The Sex Tape", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Franklin arrives at the Gentry Manor Hotel to meet Beverly)

Beverly Felton: Virgin, my ass.

Franklin Clinton: What the fuck you talkin' about?

(Beverly spots Franklin)

Beverly Felton: Oh hey! Hey, homie, come here, come here, come here! You know what, if you thought it was incredible getting a shot of aging trout the other day, you just wait till we get a picture of Poppy Mitchell getting it in the dirt box, man.

Franklin Clinton: Beverly! Good to see you.

Beverly Felton: No, seriously dude, dude, it is a back door bonanza where that bitch is concerned.

Franklin Clinton: America's newest sweetheart? Man, she likes cotton candy and puppies.

Beverly Felton: Yeah, and getting it in the bunghole. No, no, seriously, dude, one shot of that dirty little slut monkey and we are in the money, homie. We're in the money!

Franklin Clinton: Man, who says America is going to hell?

Beverly Felton: Well not me, I...

(Franklin and Beverly begin walking to a pedestrian only entrance to the hotel)

Beverly Felton: Come on, let's move. Now remember, dude, this is a covert op. We need to blend in, ninja style. Follow my lead. Confident but forgettable. From here on out, we're ghosts.

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, me and you, we ain't gonna stand out... at all.

Beverly Felton: Shh, you'll blow our cover!

(Franklin and Beverly go up some stairs into a guest-only area)

Beverly Felton: I can hear someone. Stay close and play it cool.

Maria: What do you want me to do? I'm at work. just change his diaper. It's not that hard. I don't care if it smells like number two. He's your granpa, that's what family do. Listen I gotta go. Love you, and do your homework, okay?

(The player, at this point, will need to follow Maria to hear the conversation)

Man: Hey, Maria, how it going.

Maria: You know, another day, another minimum wage.

Man: Did you see the state of bungalow tres?

Maria: No, was it bad?

Man: Like a crime scene. Andrea said it was another enema party.

Maria: Not again. What is it with rich people and enemas?

Man: I no understand celebrities.

(If Franklin stops following Beverly)

Beverly Felton: Anyone would think you didn't want to watch Poppy Mitchell getting piledrived.

(Franklin walks up some more stairs following Beverly)

Beverly Felton: Come on, they should be just past this pool.

(Franklin and Beverly reach the area where Poppy Mitchell is)

Beverly Felton: They're right around this corner. Are you ready to see America's Sweetheart getting it in the sweetmeat?

(Beverly hides against the bungalow wall with Franklin following)

Beverly Felton: Here, you take the camera. She knows me, dude. I'll keep look out.

(Franklin takes the camera and begins filming Justin and Poppy Mitchell having sex)

Justin: Is that good, babe?

Poppy Mitchell: Ooh, ooh, it's fantastic.

Justin: Really?

Poppy Mitchell: Yes... ooh, you're so big.

Justin: I know... I must say, for a virgin, you're really not that into this.

Poppy Mitchell: I'm only a virgin for TV.

Justin: Really?

Poppy Mitchell: I mean, I always wash afterwards and jump up and down so it doesn't count.

Justin: What?

Poppy Mitchell: I'm not releasing a sex tape for at least three years, unless my agent tells me to.

Justin: What? I thought this... I love you Poppy. I really want us to go places... I thought we could be the cutest teen couple.

Poppy Mitchell: But Justin, you're 21 and I'm 24. We only say we're teens for marketing purposes.

Justin: That's not true.

Poppy Mitchell: Okay... just get on with it will you? I'm hungry.

(Justin and Poppy spot Franklin recording them)

Poppy Mitchell: There's someone watching!

Beverly Felton: Oh shit, security! Abort, abort! Come on! Go, go, go!

(Franklin and Beverly run away from security and off a wall leading to Beverly's parked car)

Poppy Mitchell: Get them, Justin. Don't be a pussy!

(Franklin and Beverly drop next to Beverly's car)

Beverly Felton: Get in! Get in!

(Beverly gets into the driving seat and Franklin the rear drivers-side seat with Beverly driving and Franklin filming out the rear windscreen)

Beverly Felton: They're still coming after us. Don't just sit there, film that psycho slut!

Franklin Clinton: Damn, America's sweetheart is one angry-ass bitch.

Beverly Felton: I know, she's terrifying - it's perfect! I'll try to lose them. Straight road coming up, this is your chance to get a good shot of her.

Franklin Clinton: Man, you not the one hanging out this fucking trunk!

(Poppy and Justin continue to pursue Beverly and Franklin along Clinton Ave)

Poppy Mitchell: I was working on my quads, you idiots!

Franklin Clinton: Man, this is gonna get worse before it gets better.

(Poppy causes a driver to spin off the road to avoid her)

Franklin Clinton: Whoa, whoa, what the hell, man!?

(Beverly, Franklin, Poppy and Justin continue to drive down Clinton Ave)

Franklin Clinton: That motherfucker's right on top us, dog!

Beverly Felton: I'm taking a sharp right. Keep that camera on her!

(Beverly drives down an alley with Poppy and Justin still in pursuit)

Poppy Mitchell: You people are scum!

Beverly Felton: I'm gonna go left and cut across the intersection, hold on!

(Beverly turns left on to the road allowing Poppy to hit the back of the car)

Franklin Clinton: Yeah fuck you too, man!

Poppy Mitchell: I will fucking destroy you, and everyone who knows you!

Franklin Clinton: Move, come on, man! Hit the gas!

(Beverly and Franklin turn off Elgin Ave on to Spanish Ave)

Poppy Mitchell: We were rehearsing a scene!

Beverly Felton: Shit, we've got traffic ahead.

(Beverly goes through an intersection)

Beverly Felton: Going left, keep it steady.

(Beverly turns left on to Power St)

Poppy Mitchell: Those two men are child molesters!

(Beverly drives close to a palm tree while making the turn)

Franklin Clinton: Damn, that was close!

Beverly Felton: Jesus, she's still on us!

(Beverly continues driving south on Power St)

Beverly Felton: Screw this, I'm going through the construction site.

(Beverly cuts across the intersection)

Poppy Mitchell: You have no idea what I'm capable of!

(Beverly makes the turn but Justin, driving to fast, loses control while Poppy drives into some concrete tubes)

Poppy Mitchell: Noooooooo!

(Beverly continues to drive through the construction site)

Franklin Clinton: Man, shit, I hope this didn't just turn into a snuff movie.

Beverly Felton: Whatever, she's fine. We'll wipe the audio. Oh, I can just see the headlines now, "Poppy Mitchell crashes car on drug-fueled sex rampage!"

(Beverly, now out of the construction site, stops the car on Alta St)

Franklin Clinton: Another illuminating experience, homie.

Beverly Felton: Well, someone's got to do it!

Franklin Clinton: I really don't think so.

Beverly Felton: Hey, look. If you don't want to become rich beyond your wildest dreams while performing a vital public service, you won't meet me again. But then again... you're not an idiot.

Franklin Clinton: No, I am a fucking idiot.