Paper Trail

Paper Trail
The Maverick after it exploded
The Maverick after it exploded

The Maverick after it exploded
For United Liberty Paper
Location Algonquin
Reward $7,500
Unlocked by Dust Off

Paper Trail is a mission given to Niko Bellic by United Liberty Paper. This Mission is one of the missions that are not triggered by going to the bosses destination; instead, it is triggered by a phone call from ULPC after Dust Off. United Liberty Paper's mechanics have finished inspecting the helicopter. Now, Russian businessman Eduard Borodin finally needs to be brought down. Niko will be phoned and directed by his contact to a landing strip in Northern Algonquin where Little Jacob is smoking in the passenger seat of the helicopter.

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  • If you fail to take Eduard down, the flight will continue above Acter Industrial Park, Alderney. Even if you haven't unlocked Alderney yet, you won't gain a six star wanted level when you pass the West River.
  • Jacob will smoke while in the chopper, causing Niko to ask him to stop, because he cant see. Though afterwards he says "just smoke it"
  • There is a glitch where Jacob will only fire one rocket. This glitch can be identified from the start if the player enters the helicopter and Jacob doesn't say a thing.
  • After completing this mission, thereafter if Niko gets involved in a high wanted level situation and gets wasted or arrested, soon afterwards he'll get a phone call from U.L. Paper berating him for getting into trouble.