Phone 2

Phone 2 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 given to The Protagonist by Robert Seragliano. The mission is available from the second Phone on the left in Park in Liberty City.


The Mission starts off with Bubby ordering the Protagonist drive to South Hackenslash and steal a Bike from the angels for killed one of Bubby's dealers and stealing the drugs. Then drive the Bike to North East Hackenslash. After dropping the Bike off, the protagonist has to answer the phone in the park in North Fort Law, then drive to the small park just off the main road in South East Hackenslash and make sure that Tony Picks up the drugs.

Text Strategy


West, North, West, North on bridge (middle right lane).

Ramp bridge.

Continue North, West at end, North at big intersection, West.

Run over guys.

Get bike.

Just West, North to big road, East.


Steal Car.

West, South down third road.


Back North, East at big road.

Case (guy won’t get hurt so can drive off). END!

Video Strategy