Harmony is a small town located in Blaine County, San Andreas appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Many of the residents of Harmony are related with "91%" of residents spending some time in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Harmony is located close to Sandy Shores, which is to the west.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online kills a number of The Lost Brotherhood gang members before stealing a van. Trevor Philips, in GTA V, can also begin a rampage in the city killing twenty-five rednecks. A random event involving two men in a shootout with the Los Santos County Sheriff also occurs in the town. The player, as Trevor, Franklin Clinton or Michael De Santa, can choose to assist the robbers or the police. If the player, however, obtains the briefcases they will receive a wanted level regardless of who they help.





  • Jerry Can (outside Garage General Store/Servicing All Cars)


  • ATM (inside 24/7)
  • EgoChaser (available to purchase from 24/7 for $2)
  • Meteorite (available to purchase from 24/7 for $4)
  • P's and Q's (available to purchase from 24/7 for $1)
  • Sprunk vending machine (outside 24/7)