Sharks Thief

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Sharks Thief
Appearances GTA Vice City
Full Name Sharks Thief
Aliases The thief


Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 1986 (gunned down)
Home Vice City
Vice Point
Prawn Island
Main Affiliations Ricardo Diaz (? - 1986)
Vehicles BF Injection
Businesses Drug dealing

The Sharks Thief is a character in the 3D Universe appearing in Grand Theft Auto Vice City. He is a member of the Sharks, and an associate of Ricardo Diaz.

Character history


The Sharks Thief is named so, by his act of betraying Ricardo Diaz, by skimming 3% from his merchandise thinking he wouldn't notice. Ricardo employs Tommy Vercetti to chase him down and find out where he's hiding. Tommy does so and follows him to a run down mansion on Prawn Island.

Diaz also employes Lance Vance to assist Tommy for a helicopter attack on the Sharks hideout, murdering all of the present members, and personally gunning down the thief on the roof, taking the suitcase of drugs back to Diaz.

Mission appearances

GTA Vice City