Snitch Hitch

Snitch Hitch
Janet Vance and Javier meeting a shocked Victor Vance and Lance Vance inside Lance's hotel room
Janet Vance and Javier meeting a shocked Victor Vance and Lance Vance inside Lance's hotel room

Janet Vance and Javier meeting a shocked Victor Vance and Lance Vance inside Lance's hotel room
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Target Files
Location Downtown, Vice City
Reward $1,300
Unlocks From Zero to Hero (after completing The Bum Deal)
Unlocked by Caught as an Act

Snitch Hitch is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his brother Lance Vance from his hotel room in Downtown, Vice City.


Lance is on the phone when Victor suddenly comes in and smashes the phone on the floor. Angrily he threatens Lance just as their mother, Janet Vance appears with her boyfriend, Javier. After a brief argument inside, Lance tells Victor about some "files" about the big shipment coming to the city at the Escobar International Airport. Once inside, Lance meets the guy with the files who informs them of having sold it to someone else. The one with the files is soon leaving with a plane at the airport. Lance and Victor make their way to the airport and kill all the guards as Lance goes inside the plane he finds the files and a lot of other "stylish" stuff. Victor kills all the attacking Bikers and the mission is complete.


(Janet, Lance, Victor Vance inside Lance's hotel)

Lance Vance: Pink. No, blue. No, white - I'll take all three. Hey... I'll call you back!

(Victor grabs the phone and smashes it.)

Lance Vance: What's your problem, man? Huh?

Victor Vance: My problem? My problem is you're going to have us both killed because you're a moron. I told you not to get us in so deep.

Lance Vance: Oh, shut up and grow some balls.

Victor Vance: What, tough guy? What did you say to me? When will YOU grow a fucking brain?!

Janet Vance: Hello, boys!

Victor Vance: Mom!

Janet Vance: Victor, put your brother down.

Victor Vance: What are you doing here, mom?

Janet Vance: I'm cleaning up my act. I'm off the drugs for good.

Victor Vance: Here we go again...

Janet Vance: Can I get a drink, Lance, honey?

Lance Vance: Who's that?

Janet Vance: That's Javier! He's been very sweet to me.

Victor Vance: Oh, gimme a break.

Lance Vance: I'm tired of your bullshit, Mom. You've come here to ruin things for us again.

Janet Vance: How can you say that? I raised you!

Lance Vance: Aunt Enid raised us, not you.

Janet Vance: I'm clean. Give me a chance, Victor. Please?

Victor Vance: You can stay with Lance, Mom. But I don't want any trouble. I've got enough horseshit dealing with him.

Lance Vance: Er, Vic, we gotta go meet that friend of yours at the airport...

Victor Vance: What?

Lance Vance: I'll explain on the way.

Victor Vance: Oh, right. You two, stay out of trouble.

(Vic and Lance outside.)

Victor Vance: What friend at the airport?

Lance Vance: This guy's a dealer who's getting out of the business. He's getting us a file about this big shipment coming in.

Victor Vance: How much is this gonna cost?

Lance Vance: You gotta speculate to accumulate. We're yuppies now, bro. This dude's plane could be leaving anytime, so let's pop big-time.

(Lance talks to the dealer.)

Lance Vance: You got the goods?

Dealer: You're too late, man. I told you - first come, first served.

Lance Vance: Man, that was our file! Who did you sell it to?

Dealer: Some dude over at Terminal C. He got a private jet and a private army. I don't think you wanna mess with him.

Lance Vance: We'll see about that!

(Bikers arrive for the file.)

Lance Vance: What the hell are they doing here?!

Victor Vance: I'm guessing we're not the only ones your contact turned away today.

Lance Vance: I'll get the file.

(Once all the Bikers are dead.)

Victor Vance: Lance?

Lance Vance: Hey, bro, this cat really knew how to travel! There's some stylish shit in here.

Victor Vance: Never mind that. Did you get the file?!

Lance Vance: Sure. No problem.

Victor Vance: No problem? I could have used a little help out here, ass brain! Lance, take the file and get the hell out of my sight.


The reward for completing the mission is $1,300 and, if the player has completed the mission The Bum Deal, unlocks the mission From Zero to Hero.

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