The Bum Deal

The Bum Deal
Victor Vance and Lance Vance interogating a tied up and blindfolded Bryan Forbes
Victor Vance and Lance Vance interogating a tied up and blindfolded Bryan Forbes

Victor Vance and Lance Vance interogating a tied up and blindfolded Bryan Forbes
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Bryan Forbes
Target Bryan Forbes
Location Little Haiti, Vice City
Reward Nothing
Unlocks From Zero to Hero (after completing Snitch Hitch)
Unlocked by Leap and Bound

The Bum Deal is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given by Bryan Forbes to protagonist, Victor Vance.


Lance and Victor go to the house they've tied Bryan Forbes, looking for more information on a big shipment coming to Vice City. Forbes tells them that the contact who knows about the shipment is at the White Stallionz Bar. Victor and Lance drive over to the bar but while entering they're surrounded by gay white supremacist Bikers who attack them. After all the Bikers are dead, the Vance brothers leave the bar to go and get Forbes. But upon arriving at the house, Forbes has untied himself and attempts to escape. They chase him and Victor kills Forbes as well as dropping Lance at his hotel.


(Victor, Lance, Forbes at Little Haiti)

Lance Vance: I know there's a major shipment coming in real soon. I've been to your apartment and I've read your files...

Bryan Forbes: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was going tell you about that. The contact is at the White Stallionz Bar. They'll give you exactly what you need.

Lance Vance: You better not be screwing us!

Bryan Forbes: Me? Gimme a break. I'm your best buddy.

(Victor and Lance enter the White Stallionz Bar)

Victor Vance: Something's not right about this place.

Lance Vance: Yeah. I didn't know bikers were into disco.

Victor Vance: I think Forbes has fucked us again.

Biker: Your kind ain't welcome here. I wanna bareback the little one.

Lance Vance: Aw, shit... It's two for one at the boy's club. Shit. Man, Forbes screwed us again! Let's get back and screw him, metaphorically speaking.

(Victor and Lance arrive at the house and Forbes tries to escape)

Lance Vance: What the hell?! That's Forbes! Get him!

(Victor kills Forbes)

Lance Vance: Aw, man... I didn't mean for us to kill him.

Victor Vance: It's a little late now, Lance!

Lance Vance: I know there was something to this big shipment he was talking about, and I'm gonna find out. Later, man.


There is no monetary reward for completing this mission, but the mission From Zero to Hero is unlocked, if the mission Snitch Hitch has also been completed.


  • The bikers are dancing to "Don't Go" by Yaz. It can be heard on the Wave 103 radio station.
  • The two Freeways and the Wintergreen outside of The Stallionz Bar as well as Forbes' Ventoso have unique handling.


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