Socialites in GTA IV Era

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Well-known Liberty City Socialite Cloe Parker

Throughout Grand Theft Auto IV and in fictional ingame tv show's like I'm Rich and Fizz! celebrities and socialite's in Liberty City have become popular and well-known in real-life media.


Cloe Parker is a socialite celebutante and billionaire heiress most likly based on real-life socialite and heiresss and self-proclaimed origanal celebutante Paris Hilton. Cloe is a leading fugure on the Liberty City social set and celebrity and party cercuit's she routinely becomes the target of the tabloids and her every exploit is exposed to the world.

Jill Von Crastenburg is a famous socialite and heiress to the extreamly rich Von Crastenburg dynasty (who are said to own half of Algonquin) she is a frequent fixture on the clubscene and has ruled the liberty city party cercuit since her 11th birthday. Jill is 13 years old but has some disturbing achivements an adult woundnt be proud of such as a sex tape (possibly based on Paris Hilton's infamous 2003 sex tape), multible STD's and the fact that she hasent worn underwear since the late 90s. Jill lives along the same street as her on\off BFF fellow celebutante Cloe Parker (see above).

Possible Insperations

Paris Hilton is most likly the insperation for Cloe Parker and parts of Jill Von Crastenburg.

Kim Kardashian an example being a sex tape and the fame she recieved from it (as did Jill received from hers).

Nicole Richie another possible insperation for Cloe Parker.