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The Banshee in GTA III


The Banshee is a two-seater sports car featuring in all GTA games since GTA III. The Banshee is front-engine, rear-drive and boasts the deep rumble of 10 cylinders. The Banshee's acceleration, speed, and braking are among the best in its class, but this often comes at the expense of handling, especially at high speeds.

In GTA III, GTA Liberty City Stories, and GTA San Andreas it resembles a first-generation '90s Viper RT/10, whereas in GTA Vice City, and GTA Vice City Stories it looks to be a 1980's Corvette C4. The '90s Viper RT/10 version is the only top-down convertible that the player cannot jump into without opening the driver door.

In GTA IV, the Banshee resembles a 2003-2006 Dodge Viper Coupé and the Toyota Supra. The GTA IV version of the Banshee is manufactured by Bravado, the game's rendition of Dodge. The Banshee is also on of the cars requested from Brucie for his Exotic Imports and one for Stevie for his Car Theft Missions.