The Colonel's Coke

The Colonel's Coke
Victor Vance meeting Gonzalez
Victor Vance meeting Gonzalez

Victor Vance meeting Gonzalez
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Reni Wassulmaier
Location Prawn Island, Vice City
Reward $850
Unlocks Kill Phil
Home's on the Range
Unlocked by Accidents Will Happen
Turn On, Tune In, Bug Out

The Colonel's Coke is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories and the second from Reni Wassulmaier to the protagonist Victor Vance.


Victor goes to Reni at the InterGlobal Films course in Prawn Island. She informs him of knowing a friend, Gonzalez who needs guards helping him to get his drugs to Viceport. Victor drives over to Downtown and introduces himself to Gonzalez, who informs him of needing to get his colonel's drugs to a lockup in Viceport. Victor then takes a Sea Sparrow with two of Gonzalez' goons in it and flies above Gonzalez' boat. While escorting him, many boats appear, trying to attack the boat containing all the drugs but goons from the chopper and the boat destroy them. Near the lockup, a chopper appears but is also destroyed and upon arriving in the lockup the mission ends as the last boat chasing explodes when it goes with full speed against the door to the lockup.


(Reni, Frankie and Victor inside the InterGlobal course.)

Frankie: You have been a bad boy.

Reni Wassulmaier: Louder.

Frankie: You have been a bad girl!

Reni Wassulmaier: Harder!

Frankie: Oh, give it a rest, Reni! I went to film school! I am an expert in everything. I love bullying people. I am perfect! So why do I have to spend my time whipping you?

Reni Wassulmaier: For the art. Oh, you're so very bourgeois. Sweet, but so, so average. Go. It's over. You're fired.

Frankie: But Reni!

Reni Wassulmaier: But Reni, but Reni... Reni, you are fantastische and I am so very mediocre. Now go! Darling, you are here... to lighten my heart.

Victor Vance: Uh, not exactly.

Reni Wassulmaier: I love you. I love this man! Kiss me!

Victor Vance: Hey, gimme a break.

Reni Wassulmaier: I'll break you if you'll break me.

Victor Vance: I can't deal with this...

Reni Wassulmaier: Oh, darling, please, I need your help. It's a friend of mine - Gonzalez. He's got to move a shit load of coke.

Victor Vance: Uh... yeah...

(Gonzalez meets Victor at the pier)

Victor Vance: Are you Gonzalez?

Gonzalez: Ah, you must be Victor. Senor, I need to get my Colonel's merchandise safely to Viceport.

Victor Vance: Your Colonel? You're in the army?

Gonzalez: Not your army. Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez's my boss.

Victor Vance: I'll bear that in mind.

Gonzalez: Take my copter. My men will join you.

(Victor flies above Gonzalez' boat and he talks on the radio)

Gonzalez: There are boats coming! Get them! Kill them all! Shoot down the copters! More boats incoming!

(They reach their destination)

Gonzalez: I have lost many good men today. Men I cannot afford to lose if I am to protect my Colonel's interests in the deal ahead.

Victor Vance: If you need a bodyguard, you could do a lot worse than me. For the right price, of course.

Gonzalez: Maybe so, but I can't trust anyone until I've discovered who leaked our arrival to those puta bandits.


The reward for completing this mission is $850 as well as the unlocking of missions Kill Phil and Home's on the Range.

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