The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade

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The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade
Toni Cipriani being asked by Vincenzo Cilli to meet him in a large freight ship docked at Atlantic Quays.

Toni Cipriani being asked by Vincenzo Cilli to meet him in a large freight ship docked at Atlantic Quays.
Game GTA Liberty City Stories
For Vincenzo Cilli
Target Vincenzo Cilli
Location Atlantic Quays, Portland, Liberty City
Reward $3,000
Overalls Outfit
Unlocks Sindacco Sabotage
Unlocked by The Made Man

The Portland Chainsaw Masquerade is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Vincenzo Cilli from his warehouse in Atlantic Quays, Portland, Liberty City.


Toni drops by Vincenzo's warehouse in Atlantic Quays, having received a phone call after completing "The Made Man" mission. However, Vincenzo is on a ship down at the Atlantic Quays docks, asking that he help with some "big shipment". Toni, at first reluctant, agrees to drop by, but only for Salvatore.

When Toni reaches the underbelly of the ship, however, he is ambushed by members of the Leone Family, who are armed with chainsaws. Toni manages to kill all the chainsaw wielding Leone Family gang members, after which Vincenzo enters to check if Toni is dead. When he finds Toni still alive, Vincenzo expresses his anger at Toni for overshadowing him after returning; armed with a Micro-SMG, he begins shooting at Toni, who fires back and kills Vincenzo. Toni leaves the ship, completing the mission.


  • Molotov Cocktails work well here if the player is having trouble keeping the chainsaws off of them. However, the player should complete the firefighter missions to make using them less dangerous.


The reward for completing the mission is $3,000, unlocks the Overalls Outfit and unlocks the mission "Sindacco Sabotage" for Salvatore Leone, as well as the SlashTV side mission.

Post mission phone call

Salvatore Leone: Toni? It's Salvatore. We've got big trouble! Get your ass over here pronto!



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