Toreno's Last Flight

Toreno's Last Flight
Mike Toreno's helicopter takes off
Mike Toreno's helicopter takes off

Mike Toreno's helicopter takes off
Game GTA San Andreas
For Wu Zi Mu
Target Mike Toreno
Location Doherty, San Fierro, San Andreas
Reward $18,000
Unlocks Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (if The Da Nang Thang has been completed)
Unlocked by Pier 69

Toreno's Last Flight is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl "CJ" Johnson by San Fierro Triads leader Wu Zi "Woozie" Mu from Carl's garage in the Doherty district of San Fierro, San Andreas.


Loco Syndicate leader de mysterio Michael "Mike" Toreno had previously escaped death when Carl and Mexican-American Varrios Los Aztecas gang leader Cesar Vialpando killed San Fierro Rifa leader and muscle-man T-Bone Mendez along with Grove Street Families defaulter Lance "Ryder" Wilson, but Woozie has tracked Toreno down to a Maverick helicopter at the SFPD headquarters.

Carl drives to Downtown and sees Toreno's men guarding the Maverick. He kills Toreno's guards and as he approaches the Maverick, it takes off with Toreno on board. Carl collects a Rocket Launcher and/or an M4. The Maverick flies off south with Carl in pursuit. Carl shoots the Maverick out of the sky and kills everyone on board.


(Carl is outside the garage when his phone rings.)

Woozie: Carl, it's Woozie. I've got some information for ya.

CJ: Hey Woozie, what's the business?

Woozie: My man's found that van you were looking for, by the helipad downtown.

CJ: And Toreno?

Woozie: Yep, he's there. Apparently he's about to take some merchandise and cut by helicopter. They've already started loading boxes.

CJ: Something about Toreno don't add up. Holler back if you hear something.

(Carl hangs up the call, drives to Downtown, kills Toreno's guards and chases the Maverick, managing to destroy the Maverick whilst it is in flight.)


The rewards this mission are $18,000 and an increase in respect. The mission Yay Ka-Boom-Boom is unlocked, given that the mission The Da Nang Thang has been completed.


  • If the player collects the weapons on the helipad, the weapons would replace any existing weapons in the respective slots and will never spawn again. However, if Carl uses self-acquired weaponry, the weapons will continue to spawn after the mission.


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