Trevor Philips Industries/Script

The following are dialog and mission scripts for "Trevor Philips Industries", a mission in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Trevor begins walking into the Yellow Jack Inn and sees Josef fighting another man)

Janet: Trevor.

(The fight continues)

Janet: You're still banned.

Trevor Philips: What about these two?

Janet: Whoever wins... gets banned.

(Trevor pushes Josef out the way and pushes the man head first into a wooden fixture before raising Josef's arm)

Trevor Philips: He's won. Ban him.

Janet: I can't ban him, he's my Goddamn husband.

Trevor Philips: He's young enough to be your son.

Janet: Ain't the internet a beautiful thing, honey?

Trevor Philips: Anyway, I saved your husband. Now get me a drink. I got a meeting.

Janet: Okay... but any more bodies turn up in my bar, I swear, I will not serve you.

(Tao Cheng's translator walks into the inn)

Tao Cheng's Translator: Mr. Philips.

Trevor Philips: Ah, here he is. Yes, Mr. Cheng, pleasure to meet you.

Tao Cheng's Translator: Oh, no. I am Mr. Cheng's humble translator.

(The camera turns to Tao Cheng stumbling into the bar as Wallis and Griff look on)

Tao Cheng's Translator: Mr. Cheng now...

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese): Man, I'm high as shit.

Griff: You all speak Spanish, speak it to each other!

Tao Cheng's Translator: Mr. Tao Cheng is... pleased to make your acquaintance.

Mr. Philips: Oh yeah, he seems it.

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) You know what? It's fantastic to know you. If you've got time, you should add me to your Lifeinvader. This is the best moment of my life!

(Tao walks to the juke box to select a song)

Trevor Philips: What the fuck is wrong with him?

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) I love this bit, I love this bit. Here we go!

(Tao begins to dance)

Trevor Philips: I'm out.

Tao Cheng's Translator: No. Don't go.

(Trevor walks out of the Yellow Jack Inn)

Tao Cheng's Translator: Please. I beg you. If you go... his father kill me.

Trevor Philips: Why do I give a fuck?

Tao Cheng's Translator: You don't. But we hear that Trevor Philips Corporation is serious business. We pay good price. Things work out, we partner. Make big money.

(Tao Cheng walks out of the Yellow Jack Inn)

Tao Cheng: (in English) I'm rushing!

Trevor Philips: Well... let me show you the operation.

(Trevor, Tao and his translator walk to Trevor's Bodhi)

Trevor Philips: This is us.

(Trevor begins to drive Tao and his translator to Liquor Ace before receiving a phone call from Chef)

Trevor Philips: Chef, we're just coming down to see the kitchen.

Chef: Well, you can't get here quick enough. Ortega's on his way with some friends. Says he's going to take us out of business. (if Ortega was spared during Mr. Philips)
Chef: You can't get here quick enough. The Aztecas are coming. They think you took out Ortega. (if Ortega was killed)

Trevor Philips: Funny that. I told him the same thing just the other day. (if Ortega was spared)
Trevor Philips: They ain't mistaken. (if Ortega was killed)

Chef: Get here and you can settle it between you two. (if Ortega was spared)
Chef: Well, get down here, and take them out too! (if Ortega was killed)

(Trevor continues to drive to Liquor Ace)

Trevor Philips: You sure your boss don't want this crank for his own personal consumption?

Tao Cheng's Translator: No. No. Mr. Cheng Sr. is very specific. He wants a good reliable source of methamphetamine. We will buy from you here, and distribute using established networks.

Trevor Philips: I'm worried that might dilute what our operation's all about. We're part of the slow meth movement: bioregional, locavores only.

Tao Cheng's Translator: Mr. Cheng Sr. has much money.

Trevor Philips: I wouldn't be the first man to throw morals out the window for a pay check.

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) What's he saying?

Tao Cheng's Translator: (in Mandarin Chinese) He says he looks forward to doing business with us.

(Trevor, Tao and his translator arrive at Liquor Ace with Chef running out of the shop)

Chef: Shit, Trevor, we ain't got long.

Trevor Philips: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Manners, Chef. These are our guests, alright? We got Mr. Cheng and his humble servant.

(Tao hugs Chef while his translator stares at Trevor)

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) Alright, man.

Chef: Uh... nice to meet you. Trevor, we ain't got long till they get here.

Trevor Philips: Everything in its time. Alright, gentlemen... please... come check out he storage facilities. Go on now.

(Tao Cheng's Translator looks into an ice box outside the store and is kicked in by Trevor)

Trevor Philips: Nice, right? There, in you go.

(Trevor closes the ice box door as Tao laughs)

Trevor Philips: Ample room inside.

(Trevor opens the second door for the ice box)

Trevor Philips: Mr. Cheng, please, sir, if you will...

Tao Cheng's Translator: Let me out!

(Tao begins climbing into the ice box)

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) Crazy. Private room!

(Trevor closes the second ice box door)

Trevor Philips: Tour will recommence shortly, gentlemen.

(Trevor and Chef begin walking to the front door)

Chef: Should we get the guns?

Trevor Philips: Yes, Chef.

Tao Cheng's Translator: Help, help me!

(Trevor and Chef, now inside the store, collect a gun from a rack at the top of the stairs)

Trevor Philips: If I knew we were having visitors, I would have done a little spring cleaning.

(Three vehicles carrying Aztecas arrive outside on the gas forecourt)

Chef: They really want you dead.

(Trevor and Chef begin killing some of the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: I think it's time for the Aztecas to die out!

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: We ain't got all of 'em yet.

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: I'm entertaining clients!

(Trevor and Chef kill the attacking Aztecas)

Aztecas gangster: There! There! Through the gate!

Chef: We gotta do something. They're through the gate!

(Trevor and Chef go outside on to the first floor roof)

Chef: Look out - on the left side!

(Trevor and Chef kill some Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: They got to have the whole crew here!

(Trevor and Chef start to kill the attacking Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: Woo! I'm starting to think they really want to kill me!

(Trevor and Chef kill the attacking Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: Whoo ah! Where's the rest of 'em, eh?

Chef: They've got behind us! The back of the building!/They're round the back of the building.

(Trevor and Chef go through the building to another part of the roof)

Chef: Get in cover!

(Trevor and Chef begin shooting the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: Now, I really am gonna put you outta business!

(Trevor and Chef kill more Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: Out you cocksuckers!

(Trevor and Chef kill more Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: This is a place of business.

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Chef: Another car!

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: This what you came for?

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Chef: You should have been more persuasive when you told 'em to go.

(Trevor and Chef continue to kill the Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: Get off my property!

(Trevor and Chef kill all the Aztecas)

Chef: I think they're coming through the shop - let's get to the front!/We need to get to the front of the shop - come on!

Trevor Philips: Did you just try to tell me what to do?/I'll go wherever the fuck I please.

Chef: Let's move it. Downstairs. Come on.

(Trevor and Chef go downstairs into the store)

Chef: They're coming in the door - get down!/Get down, they're coming through the door!

Chef: It's Ortega! (if Ortega was spared during Mr. Philips)
Aztecas gangster #2: That fuckin' puto shot Ortega cold, ese. (if Ortega was killed)

(Trevor and Chef start to kill the Aztecas)

Ortega: Trevor! It's me! Ortega! You alive you punk? (if Ortega was spared)
Aztecas gangster #3: Hey, here he is! (if Ortega was killed)

Trevor Philips: You've gone and made this personal!

(Trevor and Chef kill more Aztecas)

Trevor Philips: The Aztecas are as bad as the Lost!

(Trevor and Chef kill all but the last two remaining Aztecas)

Chef: We got them on the back foot! Come on!/They know they're beat! Let's push 'em off!

(Trevor and Chef attempt to kill the two escaping Aztecas gangsters)

Trevor Philips: Get back inside, and clean up the lab! I should check on the Chinese delegation, they might be catching a chill.

(Trevor begins to walk to the ice box)

Trevor Philips: Y'alright, time to recommence the tour, gentlemen.

(Tao Cheng bursts out the ice box)

Tao Cheng: (laughs) Wooohoooo.

(Tao attempts to warm up while the translator also gets out the ice box and Chef begins walking over to Trevor)

Tao Cheng's Translator: I think we have seen quite enough. (in Mandarin Chinese) It's time to go!

Tao Cheng: (in Mandarin Chinese) But we haven't even hit the main room!

Trevor Philips: I'll swing by and sign the contracts, alright? Just ignore the bodies.

(Tao Cheng's Translator hails a car to stop)

Chef: Hey, Trevor!

(The camera cuts to Chef, now in a second floor room looking out the window at Trevor)

Chef: Are we still gonna cook that batch?

Trevor Philips: Fuck yeah!

Chef: Okay.

(The camera shows Tao Cheng's Translator closing the car door and the car driving away)