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The following is a script of the mission "Truck Hustle" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Phil: Uh huh. That thing? Our friend did what? Thirty-seven at eight? Nah. What about them Swingers? How's Marlene? The kids? Beautiful. Okay. Yeah, I gotta go. Ciao.

(Phil hangs up the phone)

Phil: Hey, Ray. So, uh, who's the pal?

Ray: Phil you remember Niko, he's a good friend of mine. Can we talk?

Phil: Sure we can talk... as long as we don't talk too much. Interesting times, you know what I mean? Did you hear about our friend, the guy with the thing?

Ray: Yeah, you mean Harry the... guy with the hat.

Phil: No the guy with the, y'know, the budda beep budda boop.

Ray: Yeah the guy with the... and the -

Phil Yeah that guy.

Ray: Yeah. I heard.

Phil: So be cool, Ray. Listen, I need to speak to you alone.

Ray: Yeah, see, Phil, that's the thing. I kinda know what you're going to ask, and I can't.

Phil: Whaddaya mean you can't?

Ray: I can't do it Phil. I gotta lot of interest right now, business is really taking off, and I don't want any distractions.

Phil: Well as you can see I got my own issues here...

Ray Look. Niko is good. He'll do what you need.

Phil: And you say he's a friend of yours? Sure... good to meet you.

Niko: Yeah.

Phil: C'mere. The Triads have this big chunk of brown they're desperate to get rid. Talking about it all over town. Wanting to offload it at any price. They think it's cursed or something. Prove it is. Take it from them. It's loaded into a truck going to Franklyn Street and West Dyke. Get a hold of it and give me a call.

Niko: Sure. But Mr. Bell, it's going to cost you.

Phil: You got it. No Problem.

Ray: Great. Say, nice stereo you got there, Phil.

Phil: Thanks!

Ray: Yeah, so, Philly - ever hear from your ex wife?

Phil: What kind of question is that?

Ray: Just asking!

Phil: Get the hell out of here. Every time this motherfucker...


Ray: I'll be in touch, Nicky.

(Niko begins chasing the truck)

Niko: Come back here with that heroin.

Niko: I'm going to catch you, friend.

Niko: You are not escaping with that smack.

(Niko while on the back of the truck)

Niko: Can't they make this easy?

Niko: Damn triad truck driver.

Niko: I don't even like fucking heroin.

Niko: Okay, okay, come on.

Niko: It's never simple, is it?

Niko: This better be good smack.

Niko: This could really hurt.

Niko: Well, it seemed like a good idea when I grab the truck...

Niko: What have I got myself into?

(If Niko falls off)

Niko: Oh shit!

Niko: Dumb fucker.

Niko: Damn it!

(Niko smashes through the side window and kills the triad with his own gun)

Niko: I've got a complaint about your driving, asshole.

Niko: This heroin is cursed, you don't fucking want it!

(Niko commandeers the truck and calls Phil)

Niko: Phil, man, I got that thing you were after. What you want me to do with it?

Phil Bell: It's a wedding present for my nephew, Frankie. Take it to the big house off of Beaverhead Avenue. You'll know the one I mean. He'll be waiting for you there.

(Niko drives the truck to Frankie's location)

Niko: Hey, you Frankie? Your uncle ask me to give you this as a wedding present. You're a lucky guy.

Frankie: I don't know about that. I got to sit on this stuff until Phil gets over his paranoia and we can ship it. Meantime, I got to pack it into some cars that go faster than this thing.

Niko: Sounds like a fun honeymoon. Later on.

Post mission phone call

Niko: Your nephew's got his wedding present.

Phil: Nicely done. He's a good kid, he deserved something special. Hopefully he'll look after it. Niko. You looking for more work?

Niko: I'm always looking to earn a bit of extra cash.

Phil: Great. I know a guy who needs a man like you. Only operates on an outside line though. Go to the payphone on the corner of Vitullo and Hardtack. He'll call you.

Phil: Niko, I told Jimmy P about you. He wants to meet ya.

Niko: Has he got work?

Phil: Yeah, he's got stuff that needs doing. Head over to his house off of Beaverhead in Westdyke.

Post mission text message

Niko, wear some respectable clothes - suit, tie, shoes, all that shit - for the meet with Jimmy. Phil.

Failing the mission

Truck is destroyed

Niko: Phil, man, the stuff you wanted ain't around no more. It got fucked.

Phil: Ah... yeah. Bottom of the ninth, it was a nightmare. Always the same. We need to talk, face to face. Come see me.

Losing the truck

Niko: Hey Phil... that thing, you know the thing you sent me for, I lost it. It got away from me.

Phil: Damn, I was in the mood for Chinese takeout. Come see me. How 'bout them Swingers, eh?

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Niko: Alright Phil, later on.

Triad: Get the fuck out of here.