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The Mulholland Intersection in Downtown Los Santos

The Mulholland Intersection is a major street/highway intersection in Downtown Los Santos, San Andreas. The intersection is heavily traveled, as it services not only the major boulevard connecting Rodeo with East Los Santos, but also the major highway extending from Los Santos International Airport to Las Venturas. Where other intersections fall short, the Mulholland Intersection comes through: the intricate design of the interchange allows rapid transitions between any two directions, and is one of the crowning achievements of the San Andreas Transport Authority.

NOTE: The SA Transport Authority is the result of layered fiction, i.e. it is a fictional entity within a fictional universe...just something I made up. In other words, it can go if editors think it's too far-fetched.

The intersection's size means that surrounding structures have been necessarily positioned away from its center, which provides very low clearance, due to the number of interchanges underpassing the main artery. Instead, a fee-based parking lot occupies this limited space, providing not only support to local businesses, but much-needed revenue to the city as well.

In the News

Reportedly, top brass in the Grove Street Families, a prominent and once powerful Los Santos gang, were recently involved in a savage conflict with their fiercest rivals, the Front Yard Ballas, inside the intersection's parking lot. Reports vary, but arrests have been made, and prison sentences are being levied on the guilty parties. This is another in a long series of altercations between these two rival gangs that have seemingly erupted after the recent return of a chief member of the Grove, Carl Johnson. Johnson, having spent 5 years in Liberty City, has apparently returned to revive his fractured gang and reclaim territories from the Ballas, which might help to explain the events under the Mulholland Intersection.