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This game is a unofficial modification of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.The year takes is presumed to take place in 1991.


The setting is in Vice City in the presumed setting of 1991.

Carl Johnson,Tommy Vercetti,Steve Scott,Candy Suxxx,Jackie Brown,Pastor Richards (presumed),Denise Robinson,Frank Tenpenny,Eddie Pulaski, and Madd Dogg appears in the game.


Bears and Titties,G-Spotlight,SMN Preacher,Jackie Brown,Santa Vicetta,Rollin' Rockets

It features Colonel Juan Garcia Cortez yatcht to be albe to drive in it.It incorporates most features of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and any Modifications you have on the original game.

Grove Street Families appear in the mod but have orange as gang color.They seems to have Downtown Vice City and Ocean Beach as turf .The Mafia and theLos Santos Vagos also appear.