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Blow Your Cover
Elizabeta Torres

Elizabeta Torres
For Elizabeta Torres
Location An apartment off San Quentin Avenue in South Bohan, Bohan, Liberty City.
Fail Player Death, Playboy X's Death
Reward $2000, bridges leading to Algonquin are opened
Unlocks The Snow Storm
Unlocked by Luck of the Irish

Blow Your Cover is a mission given to Niko Bellic by Elizabeta Torres in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Elizabeta wants Niko and Playboy X to go along with Johnny Klebitz on a deal that they are nervous about. Niko and Playboy drive to the meet piont in Broker. Once there, they go up to the third floor of the building to meet Johnny, then all three go into the room to make the exchange. The buyer is actually an undercover LCPD officer. Johnny escapes out the front of the building, but Niko and Playboy decide to escape by going out the roof and down through another building. There are many officers on the way that they kill in order to escape. Once they get down to ground level, they grab a car, and Niko (who is driving) loses the wanted level and then drives Playboy home.


For a detailed walkthrough of the mission, see /Walkthrough


For completing this mission the player recieves $2000. After this mission, the bridges leading to Algonquin are unlocked.


For the enitre transcript of the mission, see /Transcript.



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