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The following is the entire transcript of the mission Blow Your Cover in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Initial Cutscene

Elizabeta Torres: Aww yeah ha ha. Woo oo!

Elizabeta Torres: Yeah! Oh, looking good from here!

Elizabeta Torres: Hey, Niko!

Niko Bellic: Hey!

Elizabeta Torres: Uh, I'll catch up with you. How you doing?

Niko Bellic: Good. And you?

Elizabeta Torres: Surround yourself with cocaine and the a**holes soon follow.

Elizabeta Torres: Hey, Johnny!

Johnny Klebitz: Yo!

Elizabeta Torres: Come over here.

Elizabeta Torres: Come here.

Johnny Klebitz: Yeah!

Elizabeta Torres: Niko, this is Johnny.

Elizabeta Torres: Now, Johnny is sitting on a big pile of heroin.

Elizabeta Torres: I don't go near the stuff... professionally... but I found him a buyer.

Elizabeta Torres: We're nervous. Will you oversee the deal and check everything is cool?

Niko Bellic: Sure.

Elizabeta Torres: Thank You.

Johnny Klebitz: Well, I got to go pick up the stuff so, I'll see you there.

Elizabeta Torres: Alright.

Elizabeta Torres: So, who else do you need to meet, huh?

Elizabeta Torres: Do you know Playboy?

Niko Bellic: No.

Elizabeta Torres: Hey! Playboy! X! Ha ha! This is Niko.

Elizabeta Torres: Hey Niko, this Playboy.

Playboy X: Whassup, money?

Elizabeta Torres: Playboy is going along with you.

Elizabeta Torres: I want as many people around this deal as possible.

Playboy X: Bet. Are you ready to bounce?

Playboy X: Well come on then.

Elizabeta Torres: I am the best, I am number one! Later.

In The Car

Playboy X: We going down to Cassidy Street in Schottler.

Niko Bellic: Does Elizabeta get you to do stuff like this often?

Playboy X: Elizabeta don't get me to do s***. I just like to keep an eye on things.

Playboy X: There ain't a deal in this town I don't know about.I own this city. For real.

Niko Bellic: Yea, well how come we haven't met before?

Playboy X: You obviously ain't been big time. I started small like you player.

Playboy X: Slanging rocks on the corner. Sticking cats up. All typed of s***.

Playboy X: Them was old days. Now it's all about diversification.

Niko Bellic: A heroin deal is your way of diversifying?

Playboy X: The money talks. Money says jump, cat says how high.

Playboy X: This is a cash deal. I got other sh** going down as well.

Niko Bellic: What type of s*** you got going on? I'm always looking for work, if it pays that is.

Playboy X: I pay like a Shlongberg Sachs bonus, b****.

Playboy X: It's Christmas every day when your rolling with this nigger.

Niko Bellic: So, you got work?

Playboy X: Not yet. I got to set s*** up. But I'll need a cat like you real soon. Gimme your number.

Niko Bellic: Tell me about that biker. The one with the smack, Johnny.

Playboy X: I ain't working with that cat. But I heard about him.

Playboy X: He's doing all type of crazy s***. His gang, the Lost. They in some heavy type of s*** is what I heard. Crazy white boy s***.

Playboy X: Think only one group can grow beards and ride bikes in this town.

Niko Bellic: It's a big town.

Playboy X: Not big enough for some people. What that other gang called? Death Angels or some s***.

Playboy X: Anyway's, be careful of this cat. You don't want to even look at him the wrong way. Crazy muddaf***er.

Niko Bellic: You scared of him?

Playboy X: I ain't scared of nobody. All them bikers is racist as s*** is all.

Inside Building

Playboy X: The crib is on the third floor.

Playboy X: Buyer is some Asian dude called Charlie.

Niko Bellic: Like in Vietnam?

Playboy X: Just like the movies, money.


Niko Bellic: Hey, you ready?

Johnny Klebitz: Sure, let's do this. Nothing like selling some dope to let you know you're alive.

Niko Bellic: Let's go.

Playboy X: Yea, let's do this.

Johnny Klebitz: Alright. c'mon.

Buyer: Hey... what's going on guys, what's going on?

Johnny Klebitz: Not much. Let's do this.

Buyer: You got the heroin? Right? Right?

Johnny Klebitz: Come on, let's do this, quickly.

Buyer: But you got the heroin... correct? You're carrying it... correct? I mean, it's a simple question.

Johnny Klebitz: What's wrong with you? You're being f***ing weird.

Buyer: Not weird, man. I just wanna know if you're carrying the stuff right?

Johnny Klebitz: You ain't right, friend, come on... let's get out of here.

Buyer: LCPD. Freeze muddaf***er, I said freeze.

After Cutscene

Playboy X: Yo! They gonna suspect us to go out the front with that biker dude.

Playboy X: We gonna hit up the roof. You clear out the floor above first, money.

Continuing to give instructions all the way.

Playboy X: You wanna start rolling with me, drive me back to my crib in Northwood on X.

After Wanted Level Lost

Playboy X: S*** man. I'd of f***ing died instead of being caught by them feds.

Playboy X: You take a fed on a heroin deal, you ain't seeing life for a long time.

Playboy X: You gonna rot in that s***.

Niko Bellic: Yeah?

Playboy X: A future in a max security pen ain't no future at all.

Playboy X: You forget about them cats if you do that sort of time.

Niko Bellic: Any of your friends on the inside?

Playboy X: My man Dwayne Forge is inside on a crack beat.

Playboy X: He showed me some s*** back in the day, but s***.

Playboy X: ...when he gets out, if he ever does, it won't be the same world.

Niko Bellic: What's different since this guy's been doing his bit?

Playboy X: S*** changed. There be more to it than a crack tip now days.

Playboy X: There be the smack tip, the rap game, and chronic man.

Playboy X: S***. I'm looking into expanding my horizons.

Niko Bellic: Yeah?

Playboy X: For sure. Reach for the stars and all that s***.

Playboy X: I don't see why a young kid from the hood can't make something out of himself.

Playboy X: Street cats like me just get labelled as pimps, and get and pushups and stickup artists...

Niko Bellic: But you are a drug pusher.

Playboy X: That's just what I'm doing to get out of the ghetto.

Playboy X: I don't see the dealing drugs. Drugs are just one all of my biggins.

Playboy X: You know, I'm buying and selling that s*** like any commodity on the trading post.

Niko Bellic: Only that this commodity is illegal.

Playboy X: Yeah, but I wanna be one of them developing cats. Developing skyscrapers, see my name in big bold letters.

Niko Bellic: Yeah, I thought you would want to build schools or something. Help young black men get out of the ghetto.

Playboy X: S***, that'll come. Gotta get successful first.

Final Cutscene

Playboy X: Here we be money. I'll hit you up when I need your a**.