The Snow Storm

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The Snow Storm
Elizabeta Torres arguing with Little Jacob.

Elizabeta Torres arguing with Little Jacob.
For Elizabeta Torres
Target Enimies & NOOSE Officers
Location Colony Island
Fail Niko Bellic dies or gets arrested
Reward $2,500
Unlocks United Liberty Paper missions
Combat Shotgun in Gun Store
Have a Heart
Unlocked by The Puerto Rican Connection

The Snow Storm is a mission for Elizabeta Torres in Grand Theft Auto IV. Niko recovers her lost cocaine from the old hospital on Colony Island, fights off the police, and Michelle's secret is revealed.

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  • If you choose to go out of the front of the hospital and fight the police, one of the officers will be wielding a Combat Shotgun, which is strange as the police normally use the Pump Shotgun.
  • There is a second option to lose the cops that is on Xbox360 and PS3 version, take the coke from the table and make the call to Jacob. After this call, the place is surrounded by cops. Backtrack through the hospital until you reach the outside area. If you run straight ahead you will end up in the parking lot. Do not take this route. Instead, make a turn to the right where you will see an opening in the fence. Shoot the cop and run through the opening which will lead you to the water. There will be a speedboat waiting for you in the river. Steal the boat and escape the police.
  • It is not necessary to kill all the goons in the hospital. By using stealth and climbing a ladder to the second level and dropping down, it's possible to obtain the drugs with minimum engagement (thereby saving health, armor and ammo for the escape). Once the drugs are obtained, the police arrive automatically.