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The Diaz Mansion in GTA Vice City

Mansions are home to some of the protagonists, antagonists and gang leaders throughout the Grand Theft Auto series. Mansions can usually be purchased after a major mission is completed in the game, while other mansions cannot be purchased.

GTA Vice City

Prawn Island features three abandoned mansions in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, which are now populated by the Sharks gang. Starfish Island features many mansions that are still in use, including one, Diaz Mansion, which can becomes Tommy Vercetti's after killing Ricardo Diaz.

Westdyke mansions in GTA IV

Is Grand Theft Auto IV their are three exceptionally large mansion estates along Owl Creek Avenue and are the residences of the world's richest family the Von Crastenburg Family and another mansion next door is home to the Paris Hilton inspired celebutante Cloe Parker as well as another mansion home to the Mayor of Liberty City.