Verona Mall

Exterior of Verona Mall in GTA San Andreas.
Inner plaza of Verona Mall in GTA San Andreas.

The Verona Mall is a shopping center in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. located in Market, Los Santos. Contrary to its name, the mall is not actually located in Verona Beach as its name indicates, although the mall is located on the edge of Verona.


The Verona Mall is a large postmodern open-air mall, occupying an entire block in Market and featuring a main entrance sided by two clock towers and two trees. The central plaza the mall is largely open, being lined by trees and centered by four palm trees surrounding four escalators connected to the upper walkways. The clock faces of the mall's clocktowers also light up red at night.

The mall has very limited interactivity, with only a Sprunk vending machine and no accessible shops. The mall's ground level has also been used as part of the chase route in "Cut Throat Business".