Market, Los Santos

Not to be confused with Market, San Andreas in GTA 1.
Market, Los Santos, as viewed to the northeast in GTA San Andreas.

Market is a primarily commercial district in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, located in Los Santos, San Andreas. It is located in the western portion of the city, just south of Temple (bordered by "Vinewood Boulevard"), north of Verona Beach, and east of Vinewood and Rodeo.


Market's geography is primarily flat, with minor upward inclines towards the northern end of the district. Much like the rest of west Los Santos, Market's urban landscape is characterized by predominantly low-rise construction dotted with a handful of highrises. The bulk of occupants in the area are commercial in nature, with smaller businesses concentrated towards the core of the district, while wealthier businesses are more commonly found along the north, east and south sides of Market.

In addition to wide boulevards that are common in the area, Market also features a grassy sqaure, as well as one of only two train stations in Los Santos, Market Station.

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