Westdyke Autos

Exterior of Westdyke Autos in Grand Theft Auto IV.
Interior of the dealership, GTA IV.

Westdyke Autos is a motorbike dealership in Grand Theft Auto IV, located on the corner of Lemhi Street and Sacramento Avenue in Westdyke, Alderney.


Featuring an interior which doubles as a showroom and dealership office and is accessible to the player during daytime, Westdyke Autos is presumably centered around the sale of sports bikes, as it prominently displays a total of eight NRG 900s which the player can steal. Although the dealership is closed at night, the player can still enter the showroom by breaking the windows. Stealing any of the bikes will earn the player a 1-star wanted level.

It is one of the four dealerships in GTA IV alongside the Middle Park East Grotti in Algonquin, and Auto Eroticar and Big Paulie Budget Cars in Alderney.


  • Strangely, if the player drives a vehicle into the shop, all of the bikes inside disappear.
  • Also, if the player breaks all of the windows, gets on a bike, lures a police officer into the building, and clears their wanted level using a cheat code, the player will subsequently receive a one star wanted level each time they enter the dealership.