When Funday Comes

When Funday Comes
Victor Vance talking to Louise Cassidy-Williams
Victor Vance talking to Louise Cassidy-Williams

Victor Vance talking to Louise Cassidy-Williams
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Louise Cassidy-Williams
Location Little Havana, Vice City
Reward $500
Unlocks Takin' Out the White Trash
Unlocked by Fear the Repo

When Funday Comes is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by Louise Cassidy-Williams from her sisters home in Little Havana, Vice City.


Victor drops by Mary-Jo Cassidy's home to see Louise. The two come to the realisation that they are both in a bad situation. Victor offers to take Louise out and Louise suggests going to a quad bike race at the trailer park in Little Havana. The pair go to the race and after the two laps are completed, Victor wins the race. Victor, worried about Mary-Beth Williams, suggests that Louise go home to check on her.


Victor Vance: Hey, Louise.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Hey Vic. How are you?

Victor Vance: Getting better. Well alright.

(Vic looks at the baby and gives it a love tap)

Victor Vance: Hey there.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: You deserve good things, honey.

Victor Vance: Eh, maybe.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Better than this shit.

Victor Vance: Hey, come on... What's wrong.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Nothing... Everything... It's Bullshit. I'm a... I'm a fucking mess. Didn't finish high school. Got a kid by a god damn prick. Living on my sister's couch. No hope.

Victor Vance: Come on, you're just going through a bad time right now. Things'll improve. You'll see.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Show me a way out. Just show me a fucking way out.

Victor Vance: I don't know... Look at it this way. I've been kicked out of the military, now I'm working with jerks, robbing people, all to pay for my brother's medical bills, while my mother freebases half the money I send anyhow. I am not one to ask for advice.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Look at us. What a pair!

Victor Vance: Pathetic, huh?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Worse than pathetic.

Victor Vance: Hey, you wanna go out? Maybe... get some fresh air? Have some fun?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Sure, sounds good. Say, Phil said there was a quad bike race at the trailer park.

Victor Vance: There you go! Hey, great. Quad bikes and moonshine... Let's go.

(Victor and Louise leave and head towards the trailer park).

Victor Vance: Will the baby be okay back at your sister's?

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Sure. She'll be just fine. I'm looking forward to having me some fun.

(Victor drives Louise to the trailer park).

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Good luck Vic... you'll need it!

(Victor, Louise and the other two participants begin the quad bike race).

Louise Cassidy-Williams (if she overtakes Victor): Oh, Yeah!

Louise Cassidy-Williams (if she overtakes Victor a second time): C'mon Vic! Act like a man!

(Victor wins the quad bike race).

Louise Cassidy-Williams: This was great. I had the best time.

Victor Vance: Glad to hear it, Louise. Look... er, I'm a little worried about your baby.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: Oh, Mary Beth? She'll be fine... but maybe I'd better get back.

Victor Vance: Wait up. I'll take you.

Louise Cassidy-Williams: That's okay. Will you call on me sometime Vic Vance?



The reward for completing the mission is $500 and the Quad bike becomes available for purchase at Sunshine Autos for $3,000. The Turismo races will be unlocked along with the Louise mission, Takin' Out the White Trash.

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