Xin of the Father

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Xin of the Father
Evading a huge wave of cops.

Evading a huge wave of cops.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Xin Shan
Reward $200
Unlocked by Deadly Xin

Xin of the Father is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by Xin Shan. This mission will be unlocked if you registered an account to Rockstar Games Social Club and find the Lions of Fo.


Huang Lee: How many cops did you kill? It's like Rusty Brown Ring's parade day out there.

Xin Shan: Fuck 'em. If they don't want to get shot, they should quit wearing a badge.

Huang Lee: Fine point... which leads me to another: Where's my money?

Xin Shan: Oh, thanks! Not - how're you doing Xin? Or - you look bad, Xin, I'll get you to a doctor.

Huang Lee: The only thing a hospital's got for you is a morgue and I'm not getting arrested driving you over to it.

Xin Shan: Relax. I know a place. Just get me there.

Huang Lee: In this fucking cop magnet?

Xin Shan: Okay, let's just fuck around moving me to another car, while I bleed to death. You want your money? Get driving!


Huang Lee: We're here. Where's this doctor of yours, kid?

Xin Shan: Doctor? I didn't come here for a fucking doctor.

Huang Lee: Great! In that case, where's my money?

Xin Shan: Gone towards my dead partner's funeral expenses. I thought you wouldn't mind, seeing as it was you that killed her.

Huang Lee: What? You're delirious.

Xin Shan: She was my SISTER! MY FUCKING SISTER! You let her die, right here in the alley!

Huang Lee: ...Ling? You crazy fucking kid! I avenged Ling. I killed all the assholes involved.

Xin Shan: Bullshit! If you'd been half as good as you think you are, you wouldn't have failed her. You think you're fucking great, but you're fucking useless!

Huang Lee: Really? Well, where were you when she needed you? She was your partner, your sister.

Xin Shan: I couldn't... I was - this isn't about me!

Huang Lee: Wrong. This is all about you.

Xin Shan: But, I didn't... It was you!

Huang Lee: You failed her, kid, not me.

Xin Shan: ...I ... I'm sorry.

Huang Lee: ...Look, I've lost someone recently too. It's hard, but you get used to it. Get yourself patched up, kid. And when you're better, look me up. Hey! Maybe we could be partners. I could use a side-kick especially one like an annoying kid-brother.

Xin Shan: ...Huh! A useless kid-brother. ...Fucking useless.

Mission Replay description

Xin pulled off his big shot job, but got himself shot in the process.

I had all kinds of fun trying to lose the law and get him out of there - underwear day at the laundrette is gonna be even more fun now.

The kid was delirious, turned out he was Ling's brother, and he figured on killing me to avenge her.

Stupid kid lost too much blood... there was nothing I could do but watch him die.