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The Grand Theft Auto III rendition of the Flatbed.

The Flatbed is a commonly reoccurring heavy truck featured in the following games:


A common cargo-hauler, the Flatbed appears in the industrial districts of each game's respective city. As is to be expected, the Flatbed is very heavy and bulky, so it's slow to accelerate and hard to maneuver in tight spaces. Once it gets going, though, its top speed is decent, and although its ramming power is considerable, it's not quite as resilient as the Fire Truck or the Barracks OL, the latter of which is its military equivalent.

In the GTA III Era, the Flatbed's appearance is similar to the Barracks OL, which, in its original appearance in GTA III, began as a Barracks OL without any of the Barracks OL's bed accessories. Throughout the series, the Flatbed's appearance changes very little, with the addition of loads of various cargo in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas, as well as changes to the detailing - mainly the cab (which in its first appearance prominently had no roof - a feature addressed in GTA Vice City). The Flatbed appears to be loosely based on the M939 "5-ton" truck, the only exception is the GTA Liberty City Stories version, which has a cab somewhat similar to the Linerunner, and will only be loaded with three planks of wood resting against some covered crates.

The Flatbed also features in GTA IV, where it resembles a Peterbilt truck and features MTL badging, but remains functionally identical. It can be found in the industrial areas of Bohan carrying various loads; a shipping container, a crane attachment, or nothing.


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